Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
– Robert F Kennedy

Since I am constantly striving to gain new experiences in my journey through life, this page will be updated consistently to reflect the nature of my career. So far, I have completed several courses in university that have helped me further my studies in computer science. I have also had co-ops before that have helped strengthen my knowledge and expertise in the field.

Each page has five parts:
-Project summary, which summarizes the purpose of the project.
-Technologies used, which lists the different languages and software I used in that project.
-Responsibilities/Roles, which cover to what degree I participated if it was a team project and what my tasks were and how I carried them out if it was an individual project.
-Project details, which is where the source code can be downloaded and screenshots and details of the project can be found.
-Downloads, in which source code or documents that I am allowed to distribute will be linked.

My Projects are listed at the side and ordered in reverse chronological order, please click the links to learn more about them.

Please do not distribute my code and articles without my permission. They are there for proof of my work mainly. I, my peers and other organizations hold the copyright for our respective work, so please contact me if you wish to use it.