Project Summary
The University of Toronto Federation of Charitable University Students (UTF or UT FOCUS) is a non-profit, student based charity organization. UTF maintains three primary objectives:

1. To create and promote awareness of individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves
2. Encourage students to proactively give back to their communities, through participation in social, volunteering and fundraising events
3. To promote a healthy campus life, through a balance of social and charitable events

Technologies used:
PHP and HTML were the standard web programming tools used. AJAX was used to enhance the web site and give it a faster, more streamlined look and feel. The standard FTP tools were also used to help update the content of the website.

I was appointed the webmaster for the UTFOCUS website. I was in charge of uploading pictures into the picture gallery, updating the site with new information and revising all the pages for the school year of 2007-2008. I was in charge of daily maintenance and organizing the layouts.

Project details
Here is a screenshot of the old website (the website has since changed of course):

UTFOCUS website of 2007-2008

Other website projects in University
I’ve also worked on The Newspaper‘s website, an independent UofT newspaper (which I used Flash for the banner).

I also help develop AIESEC Toronto‘s internal website, which I served as the Social Media Manager in charge of integrating Google Calendar, Facebook and Twitter feeds and updating the website. It was completely done in WordPress and I also managed the look and feel and plugins for the website.

AIESEC Toronto's website, running WordPress
AIESEC Toronto’s website, running WordPress

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