Frontend Development at Walmart Labs

Project Summary
I worked for Walmart Inc, one of the biggest companies in the world, from Sept 2014 to Jan 2017. I changed teams several times but the team I stayed the longest at was Walmart Grocery

Technologies Used
JavaScript was the main programming language I used. I used IntelliJ as my main IDE.
We started off with AngularJS but switched to ReactJS later on, and thats mostly what I worked with.
We used Github to maintain a source code depository and also for continuous integration purposes. Jenkins was used for builds and testing. Our API backend used NodeJS.
We also used SASS for CSS, Jest for unit tests, GulpJS, NightwatchJS for automation testing and some other third party libraries.

I was mainly responsible for:
-Integrating the homepage components like the item carousels, POV carousel, personalization modules with Tempo modules and our Node API Backend.
-Integrating them with the Electrode framework
-Integrating with analytics frameworks like Beacon and Omniture
-Writing up end to end automated testing suites using Magellan (internal Walmart Nightwatch extension) and NightwatchJS.

Most notable/challenging project

The biggest project I worked on at Walmart Grocery was not only maintenance and design of the grocery homepage but also writing the end to end testing framework using NightwatchJS and integrating third party APIs particularly the analytics APIs of Omniture and Beacon.


Walmart Grocery homepage
Walmart Grocery homepage
Walmart Grocery homepage
Walmart Grocery homepage