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Project Summary
I’ve been a website designer since I was 12. The first website I designed was dedicated to Dragonball Z and was called ‘Tong Zou’s DBZ Domain’, a very typical name for a website for a 12 year old. The second website I designed was called DBZ Fantasy. It’s actually still functional, quite incredible since it was designed back in 2002. I also started other websites devoted to some of my favorite games (a DOS game called Liero and a SNES game called Chrono Trigger) as well as an anime resource site (called Japanime). I also have my previous web portfolio design below.

Older sites/blogs

Technologies used:
I used a variety of relatively new technologies back then. I used DHTML which was popular at the time (it would later evolve into AJAX), Javascript, PHP and the usual HTML/CSS for my early websites. My previous portfolio used simple AJAX and CSS.

I functioned as the webmaster, programmer and graphics artist for these websites, as it was entirely done in my spare time. Alot of the Javascript was taken from external resources such as Dynamic Drive and HTMLGear.

Project details
Alot of my early websites were essentially ‘shrine sites’ dedicated to something I liked. I am also an anime lover and so I created a graphics design site called Japanime which focused on providing anime resources such as history, characters and biography of over 50 animes.

I have various screenshots that were taken and meant to display the look and feel of the website back then.

DBZ Fantasy; A DBZ Resource site (2002-2004)
DBZ Fantasy; A DBZ Resource site (2002-2004)
Chrono Trigger Shrine (2002-2004)
Chrono Trigger Shrine (2002-2004)
Xanga blog
Xanga blog (2004-2006)
Japanime; an anime resource site (2004-2006)
Japanime; an anime resource site (2004-2006)
Previous portfolio site (2008-2009)
Previous portfolio site (2008-2009)

DBZ Fantasy Github Repo

Chrono Trigger Github Repo

Japanime Github Repo

Liero Center Repo