Wow old sites still exist…

Wow, I just did a random search for my name on Google and guess what showed up? My old websites that I made back in 2002! That was way back when I was in middle school so I had no idea they still existed!

There were four sites all hosted by angelfire and 8 years later I guess they still exist… one is on DBZ (I was obsessed with it back then), one on Liero (A DOS game I played alot), one on Chrono Trigger (another game I played alot) and another was my anime graphics site Japanime. If anyone is still interested to see what I did back when I was learning about web design, here ya go:

And the DBZ Fantasy site actually contains alot of information, I’m surprised I had that much information on it. Now if only I could have made a site like Youtube or Facebook back then… still though it brings back good memories.

And… more videos:
This Hendrix one is quite ballistic.. I’m using on overdrive channel, with a tubescreamer, wah, whammy AND slide all with reverb up to 5… so yeah its insane.

On the other end, we have the beautiful Hendrix song May this be love, which I love to play (but my voice is not that par):