Would the all-time Laker team beat the all-time never-a-Laker team?

There’s an interesting question we have to consider here.. does the ‘all-time Laker team’ have guys that are the versions of the guys that were on the Lakers or are we picking players all time that have just donned a Laker uniform at some point? i.e for the SF position, Elgin Baylor played his entire prime for the Lakers but Lebron James is the better player all time. So if we are going by players that have been Lakers then I would pick Lebron, but if we have to go by the Lakers versions of those players then I’ll go with Baylor.

I’m going with my second interpretation here.. I can pick any version of a player as long as they have played for the Lakers. I think this is only fair if are excluding these same players from the other team.

All-time have-been-a-Laker team:

PG: Magic Johnson

SG: Kobe Bryant

SF: Lebron James (would pick Baylor if this was limited to Lakers versions only)

PF: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

C: Wilt Chamberlain (would pick Shaq if this was limited to Lakers versions only)

Reserves (remember I’m picking any version of a player who has played for the Lakers before):

Steve Nash (PG), Jerry West (SG), Elgin Baylor (SF), Karl Malone (PF), Shaq (C), Connie Hawkins (SF/PF), Gary Payton (PG), Bob McAdoo (PF/C)

All time never-been-a-Laker team:

PG: Steph Curry

SG: Michael Jordan

SF: Larry Bird

PF: Tim Duncan

C: Hakeem Olajuwon


Oscar Robertson (PG), Dwayne Wade (SG), Kevin Durant (SF), Giannis (PF), Bill Russell (C), Kevin Garnett (PF), Dr J (SF), Moses Malone (C)

As for how these guys would do against each other…. well I made a NBA 2K23 simulation to find out!
I had to replace Connie Hawkins with Anthony Davis since Hawkins wasn’t in the game, but that’s the only change I had to do.


The verdict? Well the All-Time Lakers team won both matches handily. So at least in NBA 2K it seems, this matchup wasn’t that close.


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