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Well, I haven’t seen sunlight in about 2 weeks. Seriously, I may be becoming a vampire now.
I’ve been working pretty hard lately, fixing bugs late into the night. Just a few days ago, I worked 14 hours and fixed 13 bugs in one day. I’ve learned alot about using AngularJS, and specifically dealing with promises and promise handlers, using the Angular $q library (which is different than Kriskowals Q library), not using the $q at appropiate times, and dealing with error and success handlers in the service vs controller layers. This is kind of saddening because we are transitioning to using the Facebook React framework instead and its completely different. I admit it looks pretty daunting and about half of it is because ECMA6 is just so different than ECMA5, it has a bunch of new functional notations which I am not used to at all.

That aside, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 and Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void with the little free time that I do get, and I love those games. Seriously, I bought the collectors editions for both. That’s only something I do with games I really like. I have the collectors editions for SC2: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Blazblue Chronophantasma, Persona 4 Dancing all night… and thats pretty much it. I did unboxing videos on youtube for all of these, and will do for F4 and SC2 LOV as well next time I get back to San Francisco. Oh, and Hearthstone (now with the League of Explorers expansion), which I always play in short bursts. Oh, and Star Wars: Battlefront and Assassins Creed Syndicate aren’t bad either, though I play them slightly less than SC2 and F4. Is this a blockbuster gaming holiday season or what?



I have been in Korea for almost a year now, which is crazy. I never thought it would pass by this fast. I will put my thoughts on this year overall in my end of year review, but for now I have to look for a new place, cause the current place I’m living now is too expensive. I also had thoughts about moving back to California, or someplace else given that I could work from anywhere, but the pros-cons of the situation came down to this: Korea has cheaper cost of living, better nightlife, considerably more beautiful women, and fast convenience for everything. The cons is that I don’t speak the native language well, its hard to make friends/lasting relationships here, and my working schedule is nocturnal here. The pros of the US/Canada is that I have the convenience of speaking English having more accessible healthcare, my friends there are more free and have more time to meet, and California weather is definitely better (but not Canada’s). Though, in the end my primary concern is making friends and relationships, and thats pretty hard anywhere as I found out, and not that much easier in California/Canada either as I experienced last year. I might be lonely in Korea, but I was also lonely in California last year. So… continue for one year more in Korea and then I will re-evaluate the situation again next year.

And the other thing that went on recently is the Paris terrorist attacks, which is all over the news and Facebook. I commented on this in Facebook, and being the type of person that doesn’t always post positive opinions on everything, I said:

Guys, while the attack on Paris is surely terrible, these kind of terrorist attacks happen all the time in the middle east, pakistan, and just a few months ago in Tunisia. In fact there was one that happened right before Paris at Beirut! I don’t think those ever get as much coverage as attacks on Western countries. Listen, I know people losing their lives is awful, but I don’t believe that anyone losing their life in Paris is *more* awful than someone losing their life somewhere else.

Everyone’s death is equally awful. It was the same when the Boston marathon bombings happened, and a Chinese earthquake happened around the same time which killed 10,000 Chinese. Which one got more coverage? Oh right, the 3 people that died in America. We should strive to get equal news coverage of these events, not just the events that happened in the “more important countries”. I don’t think thats fair.

Right now, people around the world are ‪#‎prayingforParis‬ and changing their Facebook pics if something like this happened in China or India do you think people around the world would ‪#‎prayforChina‬ and change their profile pics to communist red? I don’t think so.

And I stand by that statement. Its ridiculous that people are all changing their profile pics to french colors. What does that do? It doesn’t bring back anyone who died, and it serves no purpose other than the fact that ok, you read the news and you feel for the people who lost their loved ones. Ok, well that just means you didn’t care about all the other times people lost their loved ones in other terrorist attacks that happened in the world. Cause you didn’t change your profile pics those times. But this time is special right? Cause it happened in an “important country”, like USA, UK, France, Germany, etc this just validates my belief that people care way more about media events in Western countries than other countries in the world. Everyone deserves equal coverage.


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