Why is Kobe always left out of the GOAT conversation (regarding Jordan)?

Why should he be in the GOAT conversation?

  1. Kobe is an inferior version of the person many consider the GOAT (Jordan). by this definition alone, Kobe is disqualified for the GOAT. At least Lebron has more rebounds and assists than Jordan and thus has somewhat of an argument. Kobe does nothing better than Jordan.
  2. Kobe wasn’t the best player for 60% of his rings
  3. Kobe had a massive ego. Say what you will about Lebron – players came play with him (haters will say he ‘chooses and picks his team’). Players avoided playing with Kobe in LA especially in his later years.
  4. Kobe was too inefficient
  5. Kobe lacks in both stats and awards compared to other candidates. He averages 25/5/5 – those are good stats, but definitely not good enough for GOAT conversation when Lebron averages 27/7/7 and even Jerry West averaged 27/6/7. He has 1 MVP to Wilt/Lebron’s 4, Russell’s 5, Kareem’s 6 and Jordan’s 5. 
    “But MVPs are a popularity contest! and he got robbed X times” Kobe fans say. Ok, but consider that Kobe only has 2 scoring titles (Iverson/Durant/Gervin all have 4, Wilt 7 and Jordan 10), only 2 Finals MVPs (Lebron/Duncan/Magic/Jordan all have more), no rebounding , blocks, steals or assist titles, no DPOYs, no ROTY, and has the dubious distinction of being the all time leader in missed shots. How can this person be in the GOAT conversation?