Why is Kevin Johnson not in the basketball Hall of Fame?

I feel like the Phoenix Suns get continually shafted by the mainstream media and Hall of Fame, they are a franchise which has the most wins by far out of any franchise never to have a championship. They’ve come close a few times – 1976, 1993 and most recently last year in 2021.

Despite this only a few Suns are in the Hall of Fame – Connie Hawkins was the first superstar (and honestly underrated and underappreciated by modern analysts and fans), Charles Barkley (who played his prime for both the 76ers and Suns and a first ballot HoF lock), Steve Nash (another no brainer HoFer), and Paul Westphal (who was the best player on the 1976 Finals team and inducted very recently before he died of brain cancer).

For the others I feel like they are at least deserving of HoF consideration, yet are not:

-Walter Davis, 6x All-Star and Suns all time leading scorer – same stats, all stars, and All-NBA as Chris Mullin, yet not in the Hall of Fame like Mullin is

-Tom Chambers, one of two players who scored 20,000+ points and not in Hall of Fame

-Larry Nance, a very underrated high flying two way PF who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves

-Amar’e Stoudemire, a 5x All-NBA PF who was more dominant in his prime than any PF not named Dirk, KG or Duncan in his era, yet not in the HoF.

and finally, Kevin Johnson. A player who is top 6 in APG all time (behind only Magic, Stockton, Oscar, Isiah and CP3) and who was a top 3 PG in his prime (behind only Magic and Isiah), one of only a few players who have more All-NBA than All-Star appearances (meaning he was probably underrated even in his era). His lack of HoF consideration is especially glaring considering that his contemporary Tim Hardaway just got in this year (and KJ in his prime was just as good if not better than Timmy).

So I think the reason he’s not in Hall of Fame is 1) short career 2) lack of rings 3) lack of all stars (which is important to Hall of Fame committee judging from their selections) 4) bias against franchises with lack of championships despite winning records





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