Why don’t people like Dragon Ball Super?

My personal reasons:

  1. The animation is more ‘cute’ and ‘clean’ compared to the ‘gritty’ style of DBZ and DBGT. Bulma looks younger than she did in the Buu Saga even though she’s supposed to be older. Goten looks like he’s even shorter than before which is not possible since he’s supposed to be older, etc battle damage isn’t as visible as on DBZ art style
  2. Power Scaling. It’s ridiculous because you start off with a universe buster like Beerus and a transformation called Super Saiyan God. Their fight shook the entire universe. And that’s just the beginning. That’s the first arc. Later on you get Freiza who trained for 4 months, got a new transformation that takes him from SSJ level to SSJ Blue level. And Android 17 who goes from getting eaten by Semi-Perfect Cell to SSJ Blue level (God) level. Caulifla becomes SSJ2 almost minutes after she achieves SSJ1 like its nothing – and it’s not even commented on by Cabba the first time she goes SSJ2. SSJ3 Gotenks is beaten by base Vegeta.You have a guy who can wipe out the universe with a snap of the finger. The power scaling is nuts in DBS
  3. The characters don’t get much development outside of Vegeta. Goku even regresses if anything and becomes even more of an asshole and less of a good guy. Vegeta becomes more of a good guy, surprisingly. Gohan, Trunks + the rest have near zero character development, and no meaningful arcs.  Goten, Kid Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha etc they may as well not exist. Actually, they get maybe half an episode in the tournament of power and that’s about it. Android 17 surprisingly got more development than most of the Z fighters. I mean ok so Future Trunks gets another arc, he’s in love with Mai now for some reason, but too many things are left unexplained which leads to my next point:
  4. Too many unexplained parts of the plot: Why is Future Trunks and Mai together? How did Vegeta get Super Saiyan Blue without the ritual? Or maybe he did the ritual but he never turns into Super Saiyan God in the anime so its not confirmed. What is Super Saiyan Rage – the unique transformation Trunks got? How powerful is it and how do you get it (don’t all SSJ transformations require rage?)? Since when can Trunks make a Spirit Bomb sword? Isn’t that technique by King Kai? Oh and also I guess ‘Ultimate/Mystic’ is a separate transformation for Gohan now?The whole timeline distortion thing with multiple Zamasus and Goku Blacks is incredibly confusing. So Beerus kills Zamasu but Goku Black is another Zamasu from the unaltered timeline with the time ring etc.. I’m already lost.
    Why does Universe 2 have Yardrats and Tuffles? What is Kale’s Broly-like form and what does Vegeta mean by it’s her ‘original Saiyan transformation’? None of this is ever commented on or explained again.
  5. Unoriginal transformations. SSJ God is just normal form + red hair. SSJ Blue is just SSJ with Blue hair dye (as Frieza said). SSJ Rose is SSJ with Pink hair dye. SSJ Rage and Kale’s transformation are basically copies of Broly’s Legendary form (let’s not mention Broly is becoming canon soon so he’ll have another legendary form). Ultra Instinct is nice, but the mastered version looks like SSJ White to me. Dragonball GT may have issues, but SSJ4 was hands down the most original transformation out of any of these.





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