Why doesn’t school shooting happen in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China? Why does it happen in the US?

  1. Guns are banned for civilians in Japan/Korea/China. In the USA, you can get a gun license easier than getting a driver’s license and you can shoot a gun before you can legally drink
  2. Culture upbringing is different. For example, people with mental illness are shunned in Asian culture and people would often take out their stress by suicide. It is very rare to hear of a homicide-suicide in Asia – its more often just suicide. Asians internalize their conflicts. Westerners externalize their conflicts. When Western people (i.e Americans) have a problem, they take it out on other people. So Americans with a lot of stress or mental illness will sometimes harm others, which is why you hear so many homicide or killing sprees or serial killers in Western society.