Why does LeBron have a bad NBA Finals record despite the fact that he seems to get there every year easily enough?

Kind of the reverse of Michael Jordan and Kobe/Shaq, I think. Lebron breezes to the Finals every year because the teams in the East aren’t that tough – but his Finals opponents have been formidable. The 2014 Spurs and 2017 Warriors are two of the best teams in NBA history. Jordan/Kobe had a much tougher time going to the Finals (hence why they lost before the Finals so often), but once they were there they had a pretty easy time. No one would consider the 1992 Trailblazers an all time great team – nor would they consider the 2001 76ers or 2002 Nets or 2009 Magic an all time great team. This is part of the reason why Jordan (6–0) and Kobe’s (5–2) Finals records look much better than Lebron’s.





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