Why do so many Chinese girls have princess syndrome, or ‘公主病’?

Well, first of all there has to be a disclaimer here that every country has at least some proportion of girls with ‘princess syndrome’ ie. spoiled – that exists everywhere. But yes, it does seem to be more common and more frequently occurring in China.

Why are there so many spoiled princesses in China? well I can think of a few reasons

  • There’s simply more girls in China because China has a lot of population. Thus it makes sense to reason that there’s more spoiled girls there as well
  • One child policy has created a culture where there are many spoiled men and women that are very demanding because their parents spoiled them by giving them everything that they want. This carries over when they grow up into adults.
  • Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, the girls basically get everything they want from the men. The men do everything for them – pay for them, buy gifts for them. shower them with affection, and the women don’t need to do anything in return. This one sided relationship is unique to Chinese culture. Obviously, if you have a country where the men give their gfs and wives everything they desire, that leads to alot of spoiled women. The irony is that a lot of Chinese women nowadays seek Korean men due to the whole kpop/kdrama craze and Korean men do not give their gfs or buy their gfs everything like Chinese men do.
  • Rising wealthy elite. China has the fastest growing middle class in the world and a lot of suddenly wealthy consumers many of whom become obsessed with money and materialistic properties and items. Clearly this leads to a society and mindset where they feel they ‘need’ luxury items to survive. This is a symptom of the nouveau riche. In any country’s developing middle class phase, the need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ is very noticeable – in the US this happened in the 1950s – combine this with the Chinese culture of making money and spending money and we can see why it can lead to princess syndrome as well.
  • For Chinese women especially they have a cultural mindset of making and spending money. They ask about financial details to me within their first few questions of meeting me. In contrast, I have never talked about finances or money with a Japanese or Taiwanese girl, and with my Korean ex gfs have discussed it maybe a total of twice over the course of my entire relationship with them. With Chinese women, they are incredibly career focused and focused on investments and money making compared to other women. And spending money too, of which also they talk about it a lot more than other women.





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