Why do people’s opinions about LeBron James differ so much?

It’s because there’s a big divide in how people feel about Lebron. Generally speaking, people who don’t know much about basketball and just casually watch games dislike Lebron for nonsense reasons or discredits his achievements like ‘he flops too much’ ‘he teamed up with other all stars’ ‘he says political stuff’ ‘he whines and complains’ ‘he jumps teams too much’ ‘he handpicks his teammates’ ‘he trades teammates’ ‘he lost in the Finals too much’ ‘he ruins teams’ etc

These are all ignorant narratives because these people have no knowledge of basketball history, don’t realize that Lebron is not the only superstar that have done these things and they exaggerate these things. On top of that they generally use kiddie terms like ‘LeBum ‘LeTrash’ ‘Bronsexual’ etc should give you a general idea of the intelligence and maturity level of these haters. What makes it even more infuriating is when they tell others that they don’t know enough basketball or are ‘too young’ etc

On the other hand, we have analysts who are not emotional and merely judge players objectively based on stats and achievements and these people rightfully put Lebron as a top 2–3 player all time and respect his achievements. These are pretty much all sports publications (ESPN, Bleacher Report, SLAM, Sports Illustrated, HoopsHype etc) as well as your usual talking heads i.e Chris Broussard, Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright, etc basically everyone except for Skip Bayless.

In addition I have to mention me and my friend because we both have watched countless hours of basketball. My friend has watched virtually every game Jordan, Lebron, Kobe and others have played since the 1980s, and I’ve poured through basketball footage dating back to the George Mikan and Bob Cousy era and even some footage of the ABA. Both of us have Lebron ranked in our top 2 right alongside Jordan.


But I know some people will say ‘but you are not credible, you’re just a random person’. Ok, how about some popular Youtubers?


Jimmy Highroller has Lebron in his top 2.


Jonny Arnett has Lebron in his top 2


Ben Taylor (Thinking Basketball) has Lebron in his top 2


And for all the haters who say ‘NBA players don’t think Lebron is that great’ – Lebron is at least in 2nd place amongst NBA players, which is exactly where he resides in most polls and rankings. And this poll was done before Lebron’s 4th ring.

And the funny thing is, all these haters who supposedly ‘know more basketball’ than us, can never provide any concrete evidence why Lebron is not at least a top 3 player all time. They use irrational or emotional reasons why, which are subjective and usually ignorant and lacking context.


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