Why do people dislike foods with MSG?

I think its a natural reaction to an ingredient that most of us cannot pronounce. There’s a general saying that if there’s an ingredient that you cannot pronounce then it’s probably not that healthy for you.

In today’s age with words like ‘non GMO’, ‘all natural’, ‘no hormones’, ‘no artificial preservatives’, ‘certified organic’ all being thrown about, because MSG while naturally occurring, adding it to foods which did not originally have it seems suspect to a lot of people.

And that’s kind of a shame, because there’s actually nothing really wrong with MSG. There’s been no studies that have shown it related to any ill health effects.

If you look at what MSG actually is – it was isolated by a Japanese chemist in the early 20th century – it’s the essence of umami which adds more ‘flavor’ to any food. Thus adding MSG improves the flavor of everything it’s added to.

That’s it, there’s nothing that bad about MSG, it’s not like trans fats or anything which actually have tangible co-relations with heart disease. So that’s why when I see a Chinese restaurant or brand using the terms ‘no MSG or artificial preservatives’ in an attempt to sell to the public, it’s just kind of sad because MSG was never harmful to begin with.

and FYI non-GMO and organic is also in the similar boat of not being nutritionally different from their GMO and non-organic counterparts, and there’s been no studies to show that’s it’s actually healthier, but marketing = makes people buy it. So yeah.