Why do Korean ultra nationalists hate China and Chinese people? Do Chinese hurt them or something or occupy Korean territory? Their hatred seems excessive.

Show me these so called ‘Korean extremists’ online or some of their content. Because I’ve seen a lot more Chinese nationalists say things like ‘Korea is a US puppet state’ and ‘Korea claims ___ is Korean’ and ‘Koreans are super nationalistic’ than Koreans who have been those things they claim.

Below answer from another Chinese person who supposedly thinks that Koreans are all super nationalistic. When I asked this person if they ever met any Koreans or talked to any Koreans about this, they admitted that they had not and it was based on assumptions.


Looks like it’s been Chinese who have been doing most of the nationalistic claiming of Korea’s things or hating on Korea for reasons that are probably not valid.

Below I have a screenshot of a Chinese girl who literally blocked me on WeChat after I asked her why she hated Korea and grouped Japan and Korea together. She never told me why and just asked me to go read the news. Very vague answer indeed. I assume its because Koreans were part of the Japanese army but that’s not their fault – they were colonized by Japan at the time. And lots of Koreans were slaughtered and died by Japanese hands. A good portion if not majority of sex slaves to Japanese Army were Korean women.

I lived in Korea before, made many Korean friends, have never heard any of them say they hate China or had a conversation like this where they would outright say they hate China and defriend me because of it. Never happened. Sure there might be some Koreans who dislike Chinese or China but I personally have never experienced or witnessed it, but I have ran into a lot of Chinese (both in real life and online) who hate Korea for irrational reasons. Some of whom told me the reason they hate Korea is because Koreans are super nationalistic or claim that Confucius is Korean etc which I have never heard from any Korean. Go figure.


^ Chinese talking about what they think about Korea. There’s one Chinese girl in there who just hates Korea for no reason.


^ Koreans talking about what they think about China. I don’t hear anyone saying they outright hate China here.

The real question should be why do so many Chinese think or believe that Koreans are super nationalistic? Because they saw one Korean post something some crazy claim and then started spreading it online and assumed that every Korean was therefore also making the same crazy claim? I have seen this before. Not only do I believe that this is the root cause of the ‘Koreans think ___ is Korean’ rumour but also the 2002 World Cup (which FYI was almost 20 years ago) led to this whole ‘Koreans are super nationalistic’ rumour.