Why do Audiophiles hate Bose?

What Audiophiles like might not be what normal people like. Usually, Audiophiles prefer a flat frequency response – no unnatural boosts in any frequency. Bose products usually smooth out the frequency to make it sound more pleasant to people’s ears. Bose products generally sound very good, so that old line of No Highs No Lows Must be Bose doesn’t really apply at least not for me, I think Bose’s Soundlink speakers and Quietcomfort headphones do indeed have decent highs and lows. It’s the unnatural frequency boost that audiophiles ie. purists don’t like because its not what the original recording intended.

But at least Bose boosts the frequencies evenly, unlike Beats for example which boosts the lows just wayyy too much.

Also, don’t necessarily trust audiophiles, if they claim to hear such minute differences as the difference between 99.99% oxygen free copper cables and pure silver cables, balanced headphones and non balanced headphones, the extra frequencies vinyl and hi res audio have over CD, or they have a $5k electro-static headphones paired with a $1k DAC and $1k tube headphone amp or a $50k speaker setup with professional sound proofing or whatever, then good for them. For the majority of us humans who have just normal hearing not superhuman hearing, Bose is usually good enough.





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