Why can’t Lebron make the playoffs or advance past the 2nd round in the Western Conference? Doesn’t this prove how weak the East was when he was there?

He actually won a championship in the Western conference. Unless you’re pretending that 2020 playoffs didn’t happen.

In 2020 playoffs he went through the Dame Blazers, Westbrook/Harden Rockets and Jokic/Murray Nuggets. This happened.

The reason why he hasn’t done it since is because AD is one of the most inconsistent and injury prone players ever, so AD hasn’t been able to be his 2020 self again.

As for the ‘weak East’ here’s a list of the teams that the East had when Bron was there:

54 win 2004 Pistons (ends up upsetting the Shaq/Kobe/Malone/Payton superteam)
61 win 2004 Pacers
59 win 2005 Heat
54 win 2005 Pistons
64 win 2006 Pistons
52 win 2006 Heat (beat the Dallas Mavs)
53 win 2007 Pistons
59 win 2008 Pistons
66 win 2008 Celtics (beat the Lakers)
59 win 2009 Magic
62 win 2009 Celtics
59 win 2010 Magic
50 win 2010 Celtics
56 win 2011 Celtics
62 win 2011 Bulls
56 win 2014 Pacers
50 win 2015 Bulls
60 win 2015 Hawks
56 win 2016 Raptors
51 win 2017 Raptors
53 win 2017 Celtics
59 win 2018 Raptors
55 win 2018 Celtics

I’ll give you a clear example of how good Lebron is; in 2015 his Cavs won 7 less games than the 60 win Hawks did. That Hawks team had 4 all stars that year. He swept the Hawks. in 2018 his Cavs had a full 9 wins less than the 2018 Raptors did and he only had one other teammate averaging double digits on his team. He swept the Raptors. That’s just how dominant Lebron was. It’s not that his conference was weak. It’s cause he’s just that good. He was sweeping teams in the playoffs that his team had no business sweeping.