Why are some liberals so condescending toward Trump supporters?

The question in itself is part of what irks me. the fact that people think that if you are against Trump, you must be a liberal. Why? I am not a liberal, but I certainly don’t support Trump either. Why group everyone into two black and white categories? us vs them mentality? People have a wide range of political opinions. Because some of us choose not to support a guy who is borderline unhinged (see the recent Fox interview) doesn’t make us a liberal necessarily.

I read comments on Fox News that say things like “Trump must be doing a good job because all the liberals hate him and he’s getting the fake mainstream media all worked up! MAGA!” When you hear something like that its hard to not to respond because the comment openly provokes people. The thought that this person supported Trump because Trump pisses off people he doesn’t like bothers me.

You are supposed to support a politician based on his policies, not because of some personal partisan vendetta. And when I pointed this out in the response, the comment made back was “Go back to your muslim Kenyan master, you Marxist Commie!”

At that point, I decided not to respond anymore. When you are trying to hold an intellectual conversation with these people and they respond with those kind of insulting comments, what do you expect?

I think the problem with a lot of Trump supporters is they think that whoever is against Trump must be a liberal. This is false. I am not a liberal and I don’t support Donald Trump. Most of the world doesn’t support Trump, are they all liberals? See there’s a difference between being liberal and having common sense.

Having reasonable gun control is common sense. Not going bankrupt when you need a surgery or have life threatening injuries is common sense. Not supporting a misogynistic, racist, egotistical megalomaniac is common sense. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. a lot of Americans don’t understand this when they say ‘you liberals/libtards’ in fact they are saying ‘you people with common sense’. Because that’s the majority of the world, a lot of which aren’t liberals. They just have more common sense than Trump supporters do.

-from a Canadian conservative