Why are business laptops so expensive?

I haven’t bought a consumer class laptops since 2007. Business laptops are the way to go and I’m happy to pay a premium for it.


Because they are built better, last longer, come with a better warranty, had fingerprint sensors long before consumer laptops got them recently, a lot of them were tested under different temperature/dust/humidity conditions, and on top of that they don’t attract a lot of attention. What do you think a thief will notice more? A giant gaming grade laptop with cool looking fans and RGB lighting or a plain looking Dell Latitude or Lenovo ThinkPad? They probably have no idea that the business laptop costs more than the gaming one did usually.

Business laptops also (though they are becoming more similar to consumer laptops these days) offer more functional features, like TPM, Smart carder readers, WWAN capability, removable batteries, a variety of ports, easy access to replace RAM or HDD, etc.

Also, as a bonus they usually omit the bloatware or spyware that usually come with consumer laptops (those are there usually because a third party company paid the OEM to install those on the computer so that the OEM can give a discount to the end user)

That’s why its more expensive.


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