Who’s the worst basketball player in the basketball Hall of Fame?

We all know the Basketball Hall of Fame is one of most easiest Hall of Fames to get inducted into.

Yes, not everybody in the Hall of Fame are equal.

This year, Tim Hardaway will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, after many years of waiting. Does he deserve to be a Hall of Famer? That’s debatable, but one thing is for sure, he’s not on the level of Magic or Oscar or Isiah and many others in the Hall of Fame. There’s a BIG difference between the best players in the Hall of Fame and the lesser players in the Hall of Fame.

So just out of curiosity, I dug through the list and took a look at the individual accolades and stats of all the players in the Hall of Fame.. only those that were inducted as a player btw (so Wayne Embry and Nat Clifton don’t count).

Most casuals would say something like oh Tmac doesn’t belong in there, or Bill Walton doesn’t belong in there. They are actually in the upper tier of Hall of Famers.

Take a look at this guy: Dick McGuire. He would be my pick for the worst resume for a Hall of Famer.

-He was a 7x All-Star. This is probably his best case for Hall of Fame, but we have other 7x All-Stars who are not in the Hall of Fame, like Joe Johnson is he a hall of famer? Or how about 8x All-Star Larry Foust who played in the same era, who is much more deserving than Dick was.

-1x All-NBA. and it’s a second team selection.

-0 rings. If you wanna make an argument for KC Jones or Slater Martin – KC Jones has 8 rings and Slater Martin has 5. And they were top notch defenders. This guy has none.

-led league in assists once. Ok, this is another case for his Hall of Fame status, but we have a lot of guys who led the league in assists and aren’t in. Kevin Porter in fact led the league in assist 4 times and isn’t in. Norm Van Lier led league in assists once and is a 8x All-Def selection on top of that – not in.

-He averaged 8/4/6 for his career. That’s pretty underwhelming to say the least.

-His FG% is 39%. I mean.. wow. I know its the 50s but still. If you’re gonna shoot that badly you better have a fantastic resume like Bob Cousy to make up for it. Or heck Joe Fulks who contributed to the sport in some way. Dick does not.

-He had 6k points in his career. Reggie Theus has 3x more total points than he does and he’s nowhere close to Hall of Fame.

So how do you think this guy made it into the Hall of Fame? I’m guessing the voters saw 7x All-Star and 1x Assist leader and that was the backbone of his induction, but cmon. He has virtually little else in his resume that screams Hall of Famer to me. Has anyone here watched him play? What do you guys think?

Is there another player that you think is worse that is in the Hall of Fame?
I mean KC Jones and Slater Martin.. they have lots of championships and were great defenders. Joe Fulks.. he was the first scoring champ in league history. Carl Braun.. he has a championship and better stats. Guy Rodgers.. led league in assists twice and better stats all around.
So yeah my pick is Dick McGuire.





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