Who’s the most ridiculously good-looking person you’ve ever met?

People who follow my answers have a good idea already that I’m attracted to Korean women a lot. I find most Korean women attractive just on the basis of their appearance, fashion, attention to detail, feminine and sweet personality, traditional Confucian values etc

a lot of the women I see walking around in the Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam areas of Seoul are quite attractive.

I would like to share one story though. I met an unbelievably gorgeous woman through an online app in Seoul and originally I thought we were only going to do language exchange. Since her Kakao profile did not show her face I initially didn’t know what she was going look like.

When I was waiting for her outside of Gangnam exit 10, I had to double – triple check myself to make sure this was the right girl. She had a supermodel looking figure, flawless skin and a really cute face. She was wearing a really low cut short black dress and high heels that day..

At first I thought we were only going to do language exchange but then when she was walking with me, a car came past and she quickly grabbed my arm and said ‘you’re supposed to protect me!’. And then I realized that it was not language exchange she wanted but an actual date! And I almost shit my pants there because I couldn’t believe a girl this beautiful wanted to go on a date with me.

Anyways I took her to a Chinese restaurant and a cafe – where she actually said to me that she would consider dating me but since I was leaving back to US soon she was disappointed. As was I… I still can’t believe a girl that gorgeous actually wanted to date me.

So yes that was the most beautiful girl I actually talked with and not just stared at. And it boosts my confidence too. Now I know even though I’m not the most handsome guy – at least I was handsome enough for a girl like that.
(and no I dont have any pics of her because i was too nervous to take a pic with her and she never showed off herself online because she was too modest..)





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