Who would be your all time starting five of undersized NBA players?

Undersized would be relative to the position right? So for PG, 6′1 and under, for SG 6′3 and under, for SF 6′5 and under, for PF 6′7 and under, for C 6′9 and under?

PG: Chris Paul

He’s 6 feet tall, and he does everything you’d want a PG to do. Score, shoot, defend, pass, makes your team better all at a high level.

SG: Jerry West

He was 6′3, and averaged 27 ppg. Could score, shoot, pass and defend all at a high level.

SF: Elgin Baylor

He was 6′5, quite undersized for a SF yet still averaged 27 PPG and 13 RPG. Could score, rebound and pass very well especially for his position.

PF: Charles Barkley

He’s listed at 6′6 but probably really around 6′4 is what players always said. Despite being undersized, Barkley was a great scorer, rebounder and passer for his position.

C: Bill Russell

Yes Russell was undersized! He was 6′9. Despite this height disadvantage, he’s one of the greatest defenders, rebounders, passers and team players ever for his position.


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