Who were the best passing big men in NBA history?

I’m assuming by big men you mean power forwards and centers.

Here’s my top 10:

1 – Nikola Jokic. Yes he is one of the best passers I’ve ever seen, regardless of position. He functions as a point center, which is a combination I’ve never really seen before. He averages over 6 APG, peaking at over 8 APG in his best season!

2 – Wilt Chamberlain. At his peak he was averaging 8+ assists a game, incredible for a center. He averaged over 4 APG his whole career.

3 – Bill Russell. Right behind Wilt. I think Russell’s passes were probably more impactful, given that Wilt at times could be seen as a stat chaser. Russell didn’t care about his stats, but his natural passing skills led to more winning. He averaged over 4 APG for his career, peaking at over 5 APG.

4 – Chris Webber. He’s one of the best passing PFs I’ve ever seen. He averaged over 4 APG for his entire career and averaged over 5 APG twice in his career.

5 – Kevin Garnett. Also one of the best passing PFs ever. He also averaged over 4 APG for his career, and even had a season averaging 6 APG!

6 – Alvan Adams. He’s not a well known player, but he was one of the best passing centers ever. He averaged over 4 APG for his career, and in his rookie season averaged 5.6 APG!

7 – Bill Walton. Would be higher on here if he had a longer career, but in his prime he was averaging 4–5 APG and was a very talented high IQ passer.

8 – Wes Unseld. Known for his spectacular outlet passes, Unseld averaged almost 4 APG for his career but peaked at over 5 APG.

9 – Draymond Green. You know you’re a great passing big men when you are a better passer than one of the greatest PGs of all time (Curry) who plays on your team. Draymond averages over 5 APG for his career, but at his peak he actually can give you 7–9 APG which is incredible

10 – Giannis. Giannis is a fantastic passer out of the post. He averages over 4 APG for his career but peaks at closer to 6 APG.

Honorable mentions: Charles Barkley, Dave Cowens, Blake Griffin, Sam Lacey, Brad Daughtery, Arvydas Sabonis, Vlade Divac