Who was more important to his team, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Why?

We can definitively answer this actually.

1993 Bulls – won 57 games, wins championship

*Jordan retires to play baseball*

1994 Bulls – won 55 games, lost in 2nd round in 7 games. Replaces Jordan with a duo of Pete Myers and Steve Kerr rotating, every other starter is the same as 1993 (Pippen, Cartwright, Grant, Armstrong)

So Jordan’s impact on the team is effectively 2 games in the regular season, and taking them from 2nd round to championship.

Now let’s look at Lebron’s impact.

2010 Cavs – won 61 games, lost in 2nd round in 6 games

*Lebron leaves to play in Miami*

2011 Cavs – won 19 games, missed playoffs. they have the same starters as 2010 (Jamison, Varajeo, Mo Will, Parker) except without Lebron they now have to up the minutes of various role players like Daniel Gibson, JJ Hickson and Ramone Sessions.

We have another case to look at too.

2018 Cavs – won 50 games, lost in NBA Finals

*Lebron leaves to play in LA*

2019 Cavs – won 19 games, missed playoffs. Now granted, this time they replaced the starting lineup but they still have the same players on the team (Thompson, JR Smith, Love, Hill) as in 2018.

So what does this show? Lebron’s impact on the team is about 30–40 wins and taking them anywhere from the 2nd round to the Finals.





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