Who was Michael Jordan’s toughest defender?

This surprised me.

Guess who was the best player at stopping Michael Jordan (or at least contained him the most)?

Joe Dumars? Nope.

Sidney Moncrief? Nope.

Maurice Cheeks? Nope.

Alvin Robertson? Nope.

Dennis Johnson? Nope.

Michael Cooper? Nope.

Mookie Blaylock? Nope.

John Stockton? Nope.

Gary Payton? Nope.

John Starks? Even Jordan himself got a good laugh out of that.

So all of these great defenders couldn’t stop Jordan at all, Jordan still got 30+ on these guys.

So who was the best guard defender at limiting Jordan?

Eddie Jones and Doug Christie held Jordan to under 24 PPG and under 44% FG% during their matchups.

I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting them to be the best Jordan stoppers, but there you go.


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