Who is the most overrated point guard in NBA history?

Steph Curry.

Now I’m not saying he’s not deserving of his accolades and respect, but a lot of modern fans have recency bias and are putting Curry as the #2 PG all time and a top 20 player all time. This may be jumping the gun a bit given his short career.

Does a top 20 player and #2 PG all time have:

-only 6x all star appearances?

-only 6x all nba selections?

-no finals mvps?

-never led the league in assists?

-a defensive liability?

Usually there’s a few arguments Curry fans always make for him being this high despite his short career:

“But he has 3 rings and 2 MVPs”

while impressive, that alone doesn’t mean automatic top 20 player. Mel Daniels also has 3 rings and 2 MVPs and I don’t think he’s ever mentioned in the greatest centers discussion (which he should be). Willis Reed has 2 rings, 1 MVP and 2 Finals MVPs and is not considered top 20 by anybody either. Curry’s rings in particular all have an asterisk – his first because he was facing an opponent who was badly undermanned (Kyrie and Love being out) and his second two when KD joined the team and had arguably the easiest path to 2 championships in NBA history. It was a joke. and KD became the best player on the team, not Steph. People give KD a hard time for his rings, but it’s Steph that should be getting a harder time, because KD outshined him in the playoffs. How can you say that KD doesn’t deserve his rings but Steph does when KD was the better player on the team? Doesn’t make sense.

“But he’s the greatest shooter in NBA history”

Since when did we care about shooting this much? I don’t hear anyone putting Ray Allen or Reggie Miller over Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson even though Allen and Miller were much better shooters than those two. But now of all a sudden shooting makes you a top 20 player? lol. Artis Gilmore should be top 20 too, he has an MVP, ring, finals mvp, and the highest FG% AND TS% of all time. Mark Price, Louie Dampier, Peja Stojakovich, Drazen Petrovic, Pete Maravich, Craig Hodges etc all these guys should be ranked much higher because of their shooting. Stockton should be way better than Isiah cause he was a much better shooter.

“But he changed/revolutionized the game!’

Did he really though?

The 3PA has been going up steadily since the mid 2000s. The major factor in this is the hand checking rule changes implemented in the mid 2000s. Without hand checking perimeter guards now have it much easier and you can see 3P shots go up. Of course since 2014, the trend has been increasing but that’s not a revolution – that’s acceleration of an existing trend. Literally evolution, not revolution.

Curry also has the steepest decline of any superstar in the playoffs as seen from the video above which Ben Taylor (a sports journalist, statistician, watched almost every nba classic + modern game available) compiled.

So yeah I get that Curry is the greatest shooter ever, and he has all the 3P records, but to rank him this high already is premature. I have CP3 ranked ahead of Curry – yes even though he has no rings he has a longer career, more all star, more all nba, can play defense, led league in assists multiple times, can shoot almost as well and if CP3 had Curry’s teammates no doubt he would have won some rings and MVPs. I have Curry top 30 all time and KD is way ahead of him in my list in my top 20. I don’t think KD and Curry are particularly close as people think. KD is basically a 7 foot version of Curry, which means he’s almost strictly better.