Who is the greatest NBA player who has never been the best basketball player in the world?

Define best basketball player in the world. Usually when a player wins MVP they are considered top in the league. When a player wins FMVP there could be arguments they are the best player in the world – they just won a championship while being their teams best player. So then I suppose my answer is who is the greatest basketball player who has never won MVP or FMVP?

I’ll probably have to go with CP3. I personally have him ahead of other contenders like John Stockton, Jason Kidd and Walt Frazier. He’s an all time leader, all time passer, great shooter, great defender, made every team he’s on better, and yet he’s never won either MVP or a championship, due to a variety of circumstances some of them bad luck some of them were indeed chokejobs. Still, I think very highly of him and I think he deserved at least 1 MVP during his career for how much he’s uplifted his teams.


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