Who is the best pure point guard in NBA history?

My vote is for Chris Paul

He is pretty much everything you would want in a point guard. He is a good scorer (not as great as Curry but better than Stockton and about the same level as Isiah). He’s a good shooter (second only to Curry and Dame really). He’s a great playmaker and passer (second only to Magic and about same level as Stockton and Nash). He’s great at defense (about same level as Frazier, Payton and Kidd). He’s a great leader (same level or just below Magic/Isiah/Kidd)

So what else do you need? He’s not the BEST at any single category, but he’s either second or third best at all the attributes you would want, and there’s no other PG that’s as well rounded. And he obviously makes all the teams he’s on better, from the Hornets to the Clippers to the Rockets to OKC to the Suns.

-Curry has the shooting/scoring/leadership but not as good at defense or playmaking/passing

-Magic and Isiah have the playmaking/passing/leadership but not as good at shooting or defense

-Kidd has the playmaking/passing/leadership/defense but not the shooting or scoring

-Frazier has the scoring/defense/leadership but not quite a good at playmaking/passing

-Nash has the playmaking/passing/shooting but not the defense or scoring

-Stockton has the playmaking/passing/shooting/defense but not the scoring or leadership

-Payton has the defense/scoring but not the playmaking/passing/shooting or leadership

-Oscar and Cousy have the playmaking/passing/scoring but not the defense or shooting

See every great PG has issues but CP3 is the most well rounded PG in NBA history he’s a great passer, playmaker, shooter, scorer, defender and leader. He possesses every single attribute you would want in a PG – on paper at least. I think the reason why CP3 is generally underrated by people is because he gets unlucky in the playoffs and his teams are always one piece away, despite having virtually everything you would want on paper.

**Edit**: Here are some ridiculous hating comments people have made about CP3:

Edit: Here are some ridiculous hating comments people have made about CP3:

Yes, there are people that seriously believe Gary Payton is better than CP3 or that CP3 is barely a top 10 player.

This is despite the fact that CP3 has more all star appearances, all nba selections, the same amount of all-def selections, more assist titles, a better FG% AND TS%, the highest PER out of any top 50 player except Jordan, Wilt, Lebron, Robinson and AD and the highest WS/48 out of any player except Michael Jordan and David Robinson. He averages 18/4.5/9.4 for his career – his assist average only trails Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Oscar Robertson. How the hell is Gary Payton better?

and people always bring up the 2015 choke job but that’s literally the only time CP3 ever choked. Vs the Warriors he was injured, injured is not choking he literally couldn’t play for 2 games. On the other hand he’s had numerous clutch performances:

So I don’t know if people just have selective memory like they do with Lebron in 2011 or what. You can’t say a player isn’t top 5 because of ONE series in their 16 year career. Or because he’s having a bad Finals at 36 years old carrying a team that no one expected to even be in the Finals. That’s ridiculous to use that against him.