Who is the best point guard in the 1990s decade: John Stockton, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, or Tim Hardaway?

A close one between Stockton and Payton. Stockton was and is considered to be probably the best passer in NBA history outside of Magic Johnson. Even if we take away his symbiotic relationship with Malone, there’s still a case to be made. Him, Isiah, CP3 all are good candidates to be the best passer after Magic.

Payton was overall probably the better player. Stockton was rather limited offensively. Of course, the Jazz had two other great scorers in Malone and Jeff Hornacek but Stockton just didn’t have the ability to create his own shots the way Payton, Hardaway, KJ, Penny, Isiah, Magic etc did. He had an efficient and effective jump shot from the perimeter, and that’s really it. He wasn’t driving in or cutting the same way KJ or Isiah or Hardaway or Iverson would that’s for sure.

So I’m going to answer specifically as who was the best point guard (not overall player) in the 1990s.. that was John Stockton.

So my top 10 PG list would probably go for the 1990s:

  1. John Stockton (9x All-NBA during the 90s)
  2. Gary Payton (6x All-NBA during the 90s)
  3. Tim Hardaway (5x All-NBA during the 90s)
  4. Kevin Johnson (4x All-NBA during the 90s)
  5. Penny Hardaway (3x All-NBA during the 90s)
  6. Mark Price (3x All-NBA during the 90s)
  7. Magic Johnson (2x All-NBA during the 90s)
  8. Isiah Thomas (3x All-Star during the 90s)
  9. Jason Kidd (1x All-NBA during the 90s)
  10. Rod Strickland (1x All-NBA during the 90s)


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