Who is better, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant?


Kobe has more all star, all nba, all def, more championships than KD. KD has more scoring titles. They both have one MVP and 2 Finals MVPs. Advantage: Kobe


KD has more PPG, RPG, BPG, FG%, TS%, PER, WS/48 compared to Kobe. He’s also obviously a better shooter. Kobe has the advantage in APG and SPG. Advantage: KD


Kobe has the advantage in defense, having more all-def selections and while KD isn’t a bad defender, Kobe still gets the nod here. Advantage: Kobe


Here is where it gets interesting. Kobe’s intangibles and style of play has always been a negative for his team. He tends to take tough shots, which are bad shot selections. He doesn’t trust his teammates. And in order to build a championship caliber team around Kobe, you have to fit exactly the right pieces in. Namely, you need to have 2–3 good rebounders, no other offensive superstar else they would clash with Kobe’s style of play (if we’re talking about older Kobe. Young Kobe could co-exist with Shaq, but only for a few years), and a Phil Jackson-led triangle offense. You need all the perfect pieces to win with Kobe.

KD on the other hand, doesn’t have such strict requirements. He can fit in with virtually any other superstar. Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Kyrie, Klay, we’ve seen all the superstars KD has been able to play with. Just drop KD into any offense, and you get an instant 27 PPG lethal shooter/scorer from anywhere on the court. He’s also much more efficient than Kobe and takes much better shots, thus lessening the needs for spot up rebounders like Kobe does.

Clutch wise, KD has the advantage as well. Kobe’s not that clutch as everyone believes.

I’d say the advantage goes to KD here.

So all in all, I’d say pick your poison, they’re around the same for me. Kobe had the better career and is a better two way player, but KD is easier to play with and thus easier to build a team around, as well as a better shooter. It’s easy to see KD eventually overtaking Kobe in career accomplishments too though, sometime down the line.