Who are the most obnoxious fans in the NBA?

It’s easily Kobe Bryant fans

They will make up lies, distort the facts, and act like hypocrites just to defend him, then if they don’t get their way they will personally insult you with ‘you don’t know basketball! you’re a casual! I’ll take what NBA fans say over you!

Here’s the problem, Kobe fans see Kobe as a top 2–3 player all time.

If you’re going to rank a player in the top 2–3 all time, then that player should be heavily scrutinized. For example, every aspect of Lebron’s career is scrutinized, from getting a cramp to Jason Terry scoring 0.2PPG more than him in one series, to his Finals losses to flopping on the court. These tiny things from Lebron’s career are brought up over and over again and repeated ad infinitum, because Lebron’s thought of as a competitor to Jordan, thus he must be perfect at all times, else he’s disqualified from the GOAT convo.

But for Kobe, his fans will virtually ignore and dismiss all negative aspects of Kobe’s career, and only look at his positive points. And then put him in the top 2–3 all time without ANY scrutiny whatsoever, and if you point out the negative aspects, they call you a ‘hater’ when it’s just giving him the same scrutiny everyone gives Lebron.

They have a huge bag of excuses for Kobe for every negative thing in his career, of which there are ALOT. Just some examples:

“Kobe only averaged 15 PPG in the 2000 Finals, Jalen Rose outscored him by 8 PPG”

Kobe fan response: Kobe was injured! Jalen Rose intentionally injured him! He was only 21 years old! not his fault!

“Kobe lost to Duncan in 2003, choked in the 2004 Finals”

Kobe fan response: Kobe had drama with Shaq and the rape trial case going on! Pistons defense was too good! not his fault!

“Kobe missed the playoffs in 2005, bounced out of the first round in 2006–2007, even when he was up 3–1 in 2006”

Kobe fan response: Kobe had the worst supporting cast ever! Not his fault!

“Kobe lost in 2008 Finals and had a really bad Game 7 in 2010 Finals”

Kobe fan response: Kobe had an injured shooting hand/finger! not his fault!

“Kobe was one of the worst players in the league 2014–2016”

Kobe fan response: Kobe was injured! Not his fault!

…see what I mean? They will blame literally everything except Kobe.

And then there’s all these myths and conspiracies they have

Myth: “Kobe got robbed of MVP in 2006 by Steve Nash! the media hated him!”

Reality: No, Kobe was 4th in MVP voting in 2006. (2nd place was Lebron believe it or not). The reason is because he couldn’t carry his team to a high seed. The media didn’t ‘hate’ Kobe anymore than the media ‘hated’ Jordan in 1987 when he averaged 37 PPG, or Harden in 2019 when he averaged 36 PPG. Or going back further, Wilt didn’t even win MVP averaging 50 PPG. So what’s special about Kobe averaging 35 PPG and not winning MVP in 2006? The MVP has always been about team records. The only exception is Russell Westbrook in 2017 and that’s because he did something that hadn’t been done since Oscar Robertson in 1962. What did Kobe do in 2006 that hadn’t been done ever before? had one game where he scored 81? Well one game doesn’t make you an MVP. And like I mentioned both Jordan and Harden averaged more PPG than Kobe did and didn’t get MVP and neither of their fans are bitching and whining about being robbed.

Myth: “Kobe had the worst supporting cast ever in his prime”


^ Kobe’s second best player on the 2006 team (Lamar Odom). Lamar averaging 19/11/5 a game. They lost in the first round. Same deal in 2007 where Lamar Odom averaged 19/13/2 a game – lost in first round.

Notice how Kobe fans never talk about Lamar Odom, they act like Kobe played with Smush and Kwame for 20 years or something. FYI Kwame and Luke Walton both averaged 12/6 a game in that Suns series. Not great, but not ‘all time awful’ like Kobe fans want to make people believe.

Myth: “Kobe is all time clutch”

Reality: Not true.


The thing about using 4th quarter point is any decent star can get a lot of 4th quarter points when they shoot 40 times a game. Some of those are bound to go in the 4th quarter.

Myth: “Kobe is an all time elite defender”

Although Kobe has more All-Def selections than Lebron, this is misleading as Kobe was never a great defender, especially after 2003 where he started slacking on defense. His on ball defense was merely mediocre while his off-ball defense was virtually non-existent. For example here are the top 20 players according to the amount of love they got in All-Defensive team votes in 2011, sorted from best to worst by defensive RAPM:

Kobe is literally at the bottom, so how did Kobe get All-Def 1st team selection that year? I think again, this has much to do with the media. The media (contrary to what many Kobe fans believe as ‘hating’ Kobe) has been more generous with Kobe than any other superstar. They gave him 11x All-Def 1st team selections despite him not earning even half of those selections.

Also I’ve never seen a so called ‘elite’ defensive player get so many guys feasting on him.


^ Here’s Bonzi Wells, who Kobe always had trouble with


^ Here’s Iverson dropping 51 on him


^ Here’s Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley dropping a combined 73


^ Here’s Allan Houston dropping 53 on Kobe


^ Lebron getting 41 including buzzer beater on Kobes face


^ Gilbert Arenas dropping 60 on Kobe


^ Jason Terry record number of 3 pters on Kobe


^ Latrell Sprewell dropping 27 on Kobe


^ Tmac dropping 38 on Kobe. Sure Kobe also had 38, but Tmac’s not the one being praised as an elite defender.


^ Ray Allen dropping 30 on Kobe


^ Jeremy Lin getting his career high 38 on Kobe


^ Lebron not only shuts down Kobe in his prime while Lebron was still young, but also hits the jumper over him for the win.

Myth: “Kobe bled purple and gold”

Reality: Well, that’s not true. There’s multiple instances where Kobe requested a trade from the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant confirms he wanted trade in 2007 to the Chicago Bulls

Phil Jackson Says Kobe Bryant Requested Trade from Lakers During 1999-00 Season


^Lakers even wanted to trade Kobe straight up for Lebron in 2007, but Cavs refused because they knew even a 22 year old Lebron was still better than Kobe

At the time Kobe had a bad squad and wanted out of LA. So it’s a misconception that Kobe was a die hard Laker.

Myth: “NBA players think that Kobe is better than Lebron”

Reality: Not true.

This poll is from 2016, before Lebron won his 4th ring FYI. At that time, they surveyed all the NBA players and Lebron beat out Kobe by a few percentage points. It’s probably higher now.

And the whole ‘I’ll take an NBA player’s opinion over yours!’ comeback if you really believe that then I think you should really take everything what Charles Barkley, Shaq, Kenny Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Richard Jefferson, Paul Pierce and co say on TV as gospel because they are all NBA players and clearly know more than a non sports playing analyst so they must be always right. Right?

Myth: “the NBA didn’t want to give Kobe CP3 because they didn’t want Kobe to win more rings!”

Reality: the NBA owned the Hornets at the time, and they had ultimate say over that team. It’s not an issue of the NBA hating Kobe (which is ridiculous considering how globally popular he was) and favoring Lebron. Firstly there’s no evidence that Kobe would have been able to win more rings with CP3 at all, considering that Kobe was on the decline since 2011. Anyone who watched Kobe in 2011 against the Mavs when he got swept can easily see he got outplayed that series. There’s also no proof he could co-exist with a perimeter star. Secondly, if anything the NBA gave Kobe a free ring in 2002 when the referees admitted that they favored the Lakers over the Kings. So how could the NBA hate Kobe when they gave him a free ring?

And when you bring up all these facts to them they accuse you of ‘hating’ on him and dismiss it. like WTF if you’re gonna put Kobe in the GOAT convo you gotta scrutinize him like he’s in the GOAT convo. You can’t just pretend his negatives don’t happen and ignore the facts. Even his rape trial – I don’t care if he’s guilty or not but the fact is he cheated on his wife. That’s never mentioned ever.

And every time Kobe is not mentioned as part of the convo, his fans continue to bitch and whine and complain “not having the Mamba is disrespecful! the disrespect!’ etc

Its just a small sample of the type of comments I get from Kobe fans whenever I bring up Kobe’s negatives, you’ll notice a lot commonalities

-says that you don’t know basketball

-personal insults

-claims to be a basketball expert yet doesn’t back up anything they say with stats or footage or tangible evidence

-says that NBA players all know more than you (assumption that NBA players all think Kobe is in the GOAT convo)

-calls you a hater for bringing up Kobe’s negatives

So all in all I think it’s safe to say that the majority of Kobe’s fanbase are whiny, bitchy casuals. they blame everything except for Kobe – the NBA, the media, his teammates etc they are hypocrites, and will criticize Lebron for things like getting a cramp or getting outscored by 0.2PPG, but when Kobe is locked up by Tayshaun Prince or cheats on his wife or shoots 25% then they always have an excuse ready for it. They will call you a hater if you rank Kobe anywhere below top 5. They just can’t accept that their lord and savior Kobe doesn’t deserve to be in the GOAT convo and never will.