Which NBA player has the better career: Dirk Nowitzki or Dwyane Wade?

I’ll go with Dirk by a small margin.

Arguments for Dirk:
-He has an MVP over Wade
-He’s a much better shooter and rebounder than Wade
-He has more All-NBA selections than Wade
-He had the the overall more impressive playoffs run in 2011
-He was more durable than Wade

Arguments for Wade:
-He is a far better defender
-He has a scoring title
-He has more rings
-He has one of the greatest Finals performances ever in 2006 – beating Dirk no less

It’s a close debate. But I think I would take Dirk’s consistent excellence over a longer period of time compared to Wade’s extra rings + great peak. I mean.. Dirk never played with Lebron or Bosh, just imagine if he did. Wade actually had a lot of good fortune playing with guys like Shaq, Lebron and Bosh during his career. Dirk had (young) Nash, Michael Finley, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, (old) Jason Kidd etc I mean sure all solid players, but they’re not Shaq, Lebron and Bosh lol.


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