Which do you like better, Pokémon or Digimon? Why?

I like Digimon better personally.

First let’s acknowledge the facts: Pokemon has the better games, Digimon has the better anime. This is not disputable.

Pokemon RPG games all follow a common theme, explore various towns and dungeons, catch and train pokemon and defeat other trainers. They have a lot of depth and complexity in these games. Digimon games seem to lack a common theme with the Digimon World games leaning more towards the digital pet training sim aspect and Digimon Story games leaning more towards generic JRPG side. Neither series are as deep or complex as the Pokemon games.

Digimon anime on the other hand, is far superior to the Pokemon anime. The first 2 seasons in particular, have a defined plot, character arcs where each character and their digimon evolves throughout the show (Matt in season 1 in particular is notable), each villain has their own arc as well and sometimes even come back for revenge (Etemon, Myotismon) and the world genuinely feels like it is in danger and needs to be saved by the Digidestined. Also since Digimon can talk like humans the bond between them and their trainers is much stronger. Also Digimon can actually be erased and become data which is genuinely emotional.

The Pokemon anime on the other hand, is a repetitive monotonous show that follows the same template every episode (Ash + friends help someone or something, solve some mystery, maybe get a Pokemon in the process, defeat Team Rocket and save the day and continue on their journey) it is a continuous ongoing series that seems to be endless and has no defined central plot point. Ash never learns or evolves and even his age is constant, forever a prepubescent teen.

Overall, I think the gap between the Digimon and Pokemon animes is bigger than the gap between the Digimon and Pokemon games. Some Digimon games like Cyber Sleuth are actually fairly capable JRPGs whereas the Pokemon anime is just an irredeemable kid’s show that I can’t stand watching for more than few episodes.


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