Which countries have most good looking people?

Qualifier: I’ve lived and traveled in Canada, USA, China and Korea before. I’ve traveled to Eastern Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines before. I’ve actually met most kinds of women due to living in multicultural cities like Toronto and San Francisco so I’ve been in contact with all kinds of women from Brazilians to Polish to Russians to even Kazakhstan women.

The prettiest women on average have always been Korean women for me. Keep in mind beauty is different for everyone but for me Korean women are the best. Firstly almost every Korean girl wears makeup. 90% of Korean girls don’t wear glasses. They all have perfect flawless skin. Their fashion sense is amazing, and in my experience they dress the most feminine and show the most skin (especially legs) out of any girl on average and perhaps for this reason you’ll see convenience stores sell stockings and pantyhose (which is somewhat odd to a Westener since American convenience stores do not stock those usually). And yes a portion of them (not a majority like people think) of them had plastic surgery. I even notice such minor details like most of them tend to leave their hair down whereas other Asian girls put theirs in a ponytail. Don’t see many ponytails in Korea. It’s common for most Korean girls to tattoo their eyebrows so they don’t have to draw them. They do lasik surgery and laser hair removal. Their nails are always perfectly done. I could go on and on.. and its so consistent too. When i was in Japan, Taiwan and Croatia I could pick out the Korean tourists because they were the only girls there wearing the short white colored miniskirts with the flawless pale white makeup. Chinese, Japanese and other Asian girls definitely seem to cover up more + dress more conservatively on average than Korean girls do.

All this attention to appearance means Korean women are consistently the most beautiful on average. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Go to Seoul especially during the summer months and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve already made a video just walking down the streets in the popular areas of Seoul so you can see what the average people look and dress like. (I also have walking videos of Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong if anyone is interested in the comparisons)

And also one of the many many summer festivals Korea has where the women outnumber the men 3 to 1 (I’m not joking)

Another thing I like about them is they are incredibly modest for being so beautiful. They are always shocked when I told them that I thought they are pretty. They are generally insecure about their appearance despite looking so beautiful and a lot of them think Western/Chinese/Japanese girls look better (I disagree). Still their modesty is something to be appreciated as well.