Which are the most boring capital cities?

Hmmm…. interesting question here is how I would rank capital cities I visited from MOST exciting to MOST boring

  1. Tokyo, Japan – lots of energy, nightlife and just uniqueness I think
  2. Seoul, South Korea – 24 hour city, never sleeps, tons of nightlife but slightly less than Tokyo on the ‘cool things I can only do here and nowhere else’ scale
  3. Beijing, China – massive city but aside from the historical things, not as exciting as Shanghai. There is still plenty to do though
  4. Bangkok, Thailand – lots of nightlife and things to do but a tier below the East Asian capitals
  5. Manila, Phillipines – This is big city population wise, doesn’t quite match up to Bangkok though
  6. Singapore, Singapore – again big city but smaller and more confined than the ones above
  7. Taipei, Taiwan – Smaller than Singapore, its basically similar to Osaka in size but the nightlife isn’t quite on the same level
  8. Budapest, Hungary – This is the most party heavy out of the Eastern European cities I visited
  9. Vienna, Austria – Its a big city, nightlife is just average
  10. Prague, Czech Republic – Average in terms of nightlife but for the historical beauty of the city itself I’m gonna put it here
  11. Havana, Cuba – the sights are pretty nice. and the weather is great too 🙂
  12. Belgrade, Serbia – The sights are not as great as the other European cities, but it does seem to have slightly better nightlife
  13. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The most boring capital city in Asia out of the ones I’ve been to. Hot and humid, not much else going on. You see the Petronas Towers, thats about it.
  14. Washington, DC – The historical sights are nice, but that’s pretty much about it.
  15. Ottawa, Canada – Its a big city in Canada. It’s cold.. That’s about all it has going for it I guess?