When will made in China be as respected as made in Japan or made in Korea?

The thing is made in China encompasses such a diverse array of products. IPhones and MacBooks are made in China, but those are often thought of as high quality products. Most people associate made in China products with cheap knock off products on Walmart and Amazon, and that’s true, there is a lot of Chinese companies making cheap knockoff products, but there’s also some Chinese companies making good products as well. Let me introduce a few.


DJI is the market leader in drone technology. Their drones are really good. I owned the Phantom 4 and Mavic Air before as well as the Osmo+. They are so good in fact, that they are pushing GoPro out of the market – imagine that a Chinese company out innovating an American one!


I admit, I’m a big ThinkPad fan. I own about 4 of them (P70, TP25, X240, X61) Lenovo is the largest PC vendor in the world, and ThinkPads are world renowned for their durability. They are just quality made laptops and are better built than even MacBooks in my estimation. Don’t underestimate Lenovo they are one of the best Chinese brands. Let’s not forget that they own Motorola as well.


The world’s #2 phone maker. Ok so they may not be the most original company (yeah that P20 looks like an iPhone X) but they do make quality stuff! I bought a Huawei phone for my parents. They produce solid phones at great prices. And let’s mention the other ‘good’ Chinese brands here: XiaomiZTEMeizuOppo which all make great phones for their price point.


Guess how much these headphones cost? $300? $400? Nope. $6000. Yes these are Hifiman’s top of the line planar magnetic headphones, the Hifiman Susvaras. And yes they are a Chinese company. Bet you didn’t think a Chinese company could make products that expensive right? Actually there are many solid Chinese audio companies making products that compete with the likes of Shure, Sennheiser, and boutique Western companies. In addition to Hifiman (Well respected amongst audiophiles) there’s also FiiO, Shanling, Caiyin, iBasso etc

Oppo/home electronics

Oppo not only makes smartphones under the OnePlus brand name, you may or may not be surprised to know that Oppo also makes highly regarded hoe electronics like Blu-ray and CD players. Yes, this particular model the UDP-205 costs $3600 on Amazon right now. It’s not a cheapo player. It competes with the best of Sony, Marantz, Denon, Onkyo etc.

So there you have it, I just listed a few Chinese companies with products made in China that are really good quality and in some cases like DJI/ThinkPads/Hifiman they are even class leading. So the answer is… I think China already makes products that compete with the best from Korea/Japan you just have to look for certain brands not the no name cheapo ones on Walmart/Target/Amazon/Aliexpress.