What’s your best all around NBA starting five all time (all around meaning they can do everything on the court)?

PG: Jerry West

Could score, could shoot, could rebound, could pass, could defend. He’s an all around guard in every sense of the word.

SG: Michael Jordan

No surprise here.. Jordan could do everything on both ends of the court

SF: Lebron James

Heat Lebron could do everything. He could score, shoot, rebound, pass and defend all at an extremely high level. peak Lebron might be the most versatile player in NBA history.

PF: Hakeem Olajuwon

You know.. initially I was thinking KG or Duncan here.. but why not Hakeem? I’ll just move him to the PF spot and he’s basically an enhanced KG/Duncan anyways he can score, rebound, defend and even steal at a high level.

C: Wilt Chamberlain

Oh shit 76ers Wilt.. the most versatile center ever. Take prime Hakeem and now give him Jokic like passing and that’s 76ers Wilt. So now what are you gonna do? I have both Hakeem and Wilt on my team. That’s gonna be a problem for any opposing teams.

-Luka Doncic (does everything offensively) – and yes I’m taking Luka over Oscar Robertson
-Larry Bird (does everything on both ends of the court)
-Magic Johnson (does everything offensively)
-John Havlicek (does everything on both ends of the court)
-Kevin Garnett (does everything on both ends of the court)
-Nikola Jokic (does everything offensively)
-Giannis (does everything on both ends of the court)

I honestly don’t know what you could do against this team. My starters can all score, rebound, pass and defend at a high level. And my bench can at least do everything offensively. So.. yeah good luck against that.


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