What’s normal in Canada, but weird in other countries?

Well alot of what would be considered ‘weird’ would be coming from Americans but Canada shares a lot in common with the UK.

Milk comes in bags, not cartons..

we pronounce ‘Z’ ‘zed’ not ‘zee’.

We use British spellings for words like metre centre colour etc

We have english and french labels for everything since we have two national languages

We call them Tuques, not Beanies

We put gravy and cheese on our fries and we think its delicious

We have ketchup and pickle flavored potato chips and we think its delicious

We put vinegar on our fries (Americans seem to only have ketchup)

We have to go to liquor stores to buy liquor, we can’t buy it in normal grocery stores

When we order food we get called by number always, I noticed in a lot of American restaurants they take your name instead. That’s weird to me. What if two people have the same name who are ordering food?

we call bathrooms ‘washrooms’ as well. Americans tend to use ‘Restrooms’ instead

similarly a ‘studio’ apartment is called a ‘bachelor’ in Canada

We use the word college to refer specifically to a community college. In the US, college can refer to universities as well.

All of our top universities are public not private

those are just some of the differences I noticed after having lived in Canada and US…





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