What’s missing from buying a vinyl single compared to streaming the song whenever you feel like it?

-vinyl as an analog format, is lossless. It is literally the sound waves of the recorded music etched onto grooves. MP3s or Spotify streams are low resolution samples that are usually low bitrate and lower quality than CD quality which itself is sampled from the original master recording

-vinyl has album artwork, which can be beautifully displayed on your shelf. In addition, it may make an interesting conversation piece

-the act of playing an album means you have to listen to the album in its entirety. This gives artists like Pink Floyd and The Who and The Beatles the ability to create concept albums which have tracks that all flow together and wouldn’t sound as great if played standalone.

-Finally, you don’t need internet access to play vinyl. It’s always going to be there for you whether alone in the woods in a cabin or in the highest mountain – as low as you have mains power for the record player that is.