What was the weakest performance in the NBA finals by an NBA finals MVP?

I think the 3 weakest Finals MVPs in general are 1978 Wes Unseld, 2014 Kawhi Leonard and 2015 Andre Iguodala so I took a look at these 3

1978 Finals Game 2 – Wes Unseld had 2 PTS, 15 RBDS, 5 ASTS

1978 Finals Game 3 – Wes Unseld had 2 PTS, 12 RBDS, 0 ASTS

1978 Finals Game 6 – Wes Unseld had 6 PTS, 15 RBDS, 5 ASTS

Look, I know Unseld is one of those players that had a lot of intangibles and is a great rebounder, defender and passer but it’s hard to imagine a player having 2 PTS, 2 PTS and 6 PTS in Finals games being considered the Finals MVP today.

2014 Finals Game 1 – Kawhi Leonard had 9 PTS, 2 RBDS, 0 ASTS

2014 Finals Game 2 -Kawhi Leonard had 9 PTS, 2 RBDS, 3 ASTS

This was the guy who ‘locked up’ Lebron right? These Bron haters seem to think so. Lebron had 25 and 35 and Kawhi had 9 PTs both games. nice. Also I like how he said the 60 win Hawks that Bron swept ‘doesnt matter’ because its regular season wins, but then the same haters say that Bron should have been in the 2009 Finals to meet Kobe.. because he had the most regular season wins! Go figure.

2015 Finals Game 2 – Andre Iguodala had 7 PTS, 6 RBDS, 5 ASTS

Iggy in general did pretty well better than Kawhi in the 2014 Finals both on offense and defense IMO.

I would say these are probably the weakest performances by a Finals MVP


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