What strikes first time visitors as special or unusual when they arrive in Seoul?

  1. Lots of beautiful girls. Almost all korean girls wear makeup and dress up very well.
  2. Fast process for everything. Never needed anything mailed to me like in the US. Same day procedures for almost everything
  3. Subway is probably the best in the world
  4. Airport is also probably the best in the world
  5. Streets are dirty at night but all of it gets cleaned up by the morning
  6. cheap alcohol and people drink all the way until early morning
  7. Koreans are better at English than other Asians in general
  8. Coffee shops are everywhere. why is coffee so much more popular in Korea than tea? no idea
  9. super fast internet but they use internet explorer, oh the irony
  10. You need a massive deposit if you want to live in a place in Korea. I’m talking like $5–10k. This is surprising because in the US you usually only need 2–3 months worth of rent.
  11. It’s not as expensive as other Asian megacities. Rent in Seoul can be $300–$400 , which i think is cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, HK or Singapore.
  12. The winters are not as cold as I expected. the coldest it gets is about -15 degrees in Dec/Jan but the average temperature is around -5 to -10 usually. that’s not so bad. I was born in northeast china and lived in Toronto so I thought it would be similar but was pleasantly surprised. You also see women walking around in very thin stockings (god bless them) as if the cold didn’t even exist at all.