What phone do you use right now?

I have 2 phones I use right now, and surprise neither of them are Apple or Samsung.

  1. Essential Phone (Ocean Depths color)

Previously I was using a Pixel 2 but switched to the Essential because it just looks gorgeous. The bezel-less design, the materials the ceramic/titanium back, its not a very popular phone but it feels unlike any other phone I’ve used. There’s two gripes I have about it: 1) the camera is good but not great, it’s definitely a step below the Pixel 2 and 2) no headphone jack. How many meetings have I had to take on the street while going to work and had to find somewhere quiet all because no headphone jack and all my headphones are wired? I really wish companies would stop doing this. Otherwise, its a great phone. And it comes with 128GB of space standard which is ALOT. As a bonus, this phone costs about $250 on the market right now.

2. Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

This has replaced my iPhone SE as my small phone of choice. This phone (like many of Sony’s products) is so underrated its ridiculous.

  1. it costs less than $400
  2. it has a headphone jack (which Pixel 2 / Essential / iPhone X all lack).
  3. it has expandable microSD storage.
  4. it is IP68 water resistant despite having the headphone jack.
  5. The battery life lasts for 2 days. seriously. A full day on this with regular usage only takes up around 40–50% of battery life
  6. speakers are awesome.. they are so loud they put the iPhone to shame
  7. dual front facing cameras – one regular, one wide angle. Great for those wide angle selfie pics!
  8. you can play PS4 on it remotely using remote play.
  9. it charges with USBC. I know, most phones should these days but still! some still came with microUSB
  10. fingerprint sensor on the power button. So convenient
  11. dedicated camera shutter button

2 great phones, both underrated.