What kind of Chinese things have ever puzzled you?

I’m Chinese-Canadian. I have to say that a lot of things about Chinese culture puzzles me.

  1. I don’t understand why the rich elite spend so much money on trivial items to show their status and wealth. It seems completely opposite the way Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley elites show their wealth; they don’t really show it much at all whereas Chinese elites and rich people just flaunt it wherever they go like some people who just won the lottery or maybe some rich black rappers do.
  2. I don’t understand why they are so interested in showing off said material wealth but not so interested in the value of their own physical appearance and hygiene. They are interested to buy all these luxury items yet they don’t care about actually matching their fashion items together, actually wearing the makeup that they buy, or practicing cleanliness. I don’t understand that.
  3. I don’t understand Chinese superstitions. Feng Shui is one of them. But there’s tons of these superstitions. My mom used to tell me I must have some deadly disease because the color of my fingernails were different from hers. I had a Chinese friend who purposely left her pinky fingernail longer than the other nails and it bothered me a lot. I just don’t understand why. What’s the scientific reasoning behind this nonsense?
  4. Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and cupping. What’s the scientific reasoning behind those. I don’t think there are any. Where’s the proof that it works other than word of mouth. Yet Chinese people take Chinese medicine as an effective system just because they have been using it a long time. That doesn’t mean anything – bloodletting was practiced for a long time in the Western world too doesn’t mean it was effective.
  5. The animosity towards their Asian neighbors. This might be due to national pride, or government brainwashing, but since i was educated in a Western country I don’t understand why Chinese have these preconceived notions against Koreans, Japanese and other Asians as if they were all born to hate on each other. Can’t we all look at each other with a positive attitude? And not judge other cultures if we haven’t been to their countries?






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