What is your favorite pedal for an electric guitar?

I like overdrives. Overdrives are my favorite guitar effect, it’s soft clipping which creates a smoother tone than hard clipping distortion and fuzzes and a lot of ODs enjoy being stacked. And there’s so many flavors of them.


In the answer above I posted about the different OD types.

In particular though, I’m beginning to like a few different styles of OD – notably the Dumble style OD, the Transparent style OD and the Clean/Tone booster. I’ll give examples of each:

Dumble Style ODs

There are many of them out there mostly modeled on the Dumble Overdrive Special type sound.

Hermida/Lovepedals Zendrive

The original D-style OD pedal that kind of created the blueprint for others to follow.

J Rockett The Dude

A nice top-mounted D-style pedal

Way Huge Overrated Special

Wampler Euphoria

A very versatile option

Vertex Ultraphonix

Another top mounted option

Mad Professor Simble

Now discontinued, but have heard lots of great things about it

Amplified Nation Big Bloom


Kingsley Page DS

Expensive, but a tube powered D-style pedal

Tubesteader Beekeeper

Another tube powered D style pedal

Ethos Overdrive

Definitely one of the most complicated in depth D-style pedals..

G-town Holy Grail Overdrive

certainly looks the part of a homemade dumble pedal

Shin Dumbloid

Same thing for the dumbloid…

MXR Shinjuku Drive

MXR made a mass produced version of the Dumbloid..

Transparent (non coloration) overdrives

Note that I’m not going to include Klon type ODs here because Klons are not actually transparent and do color the tone..

Greer Lightspeed

Nobels ODR-1

Wampler Belle

Maxon OOD9

MXR Timmy

JHS Morning Glory

Seymour Duncan Forza

Earthquaker Westwood

Xotic Soul Driven

Clean/Tone boosters

Note that many of these include ‘Dumble’ style clean overdrives as well

Vertex Steel String

J Rockett Archer Clean

J Rockett Lenny

Greer Special Request

Xotic EP Booster

Mythos Luxury Drive

Luxury Drive Boost — Mythos Pedals

Catalinbread Epoch Boost

Dunlop EP101

Chase Tone Secret Preamp

ClinchFX EP-Pre

Benson Germanium Boost

Kingsley Squire

Ethos Clean II

Cornerstone Gladio SC

Tubesteader Lightkeeper

Keeley Katana

JHS Prestige

Effectrode Fire Bottle

Xotic Super Sweet Booster


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