What is your favorite classic rock album?

so many.. I think classic rock really peaked during the 1970s so I have 5 albums from the 1960s, 5 albums from the 1980s and 10 from the 1970s (limiting it to 1 per artist too)

1960s – Abbey Road (Beatles), Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), The Doors (The Doors), Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), Wheels of Fire (Cream)

1970s – Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin), Exile on Main St (Rolling Stones), Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd), Rumors (Fleetwood Mac), Hotel California (The Eagles), Who’s Next (The Who), #1 Record (Big Star), Rocks (Aerosmith), Machine Head (Deep Purple), Moving Pictures (Rush)

1980s – Appetite for Destruction (Guns N Roses), Back in Black (AC/DC), 1984 (Van Halen), Escape (Journey) and The Game (Queen)

Have some of these albums in my collection in fact…


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