What is the worst defense you’ve seen for ‘The Last Jedi’ being not as bad as people say?

“Leia was shown to be force sensitive in the original trilogy.”

My response: Yes, sure but that doesn’t mean she gets powers that even Palpatine and Jedi Knights couldn’t get. Surviving in space is a Thanos-level ability.

“Luke changed. People change. He decided to be a hermit because that’s what Yoda and Obi-wan did”

My response: No, Yoda and Obi-wan were hiding from the Empire, they were *forced* to go into hiding. It’s not a voluntary thing whereas for Luke it was voluntary

“Palpatine never got a backstory in the original trilogy either so why should Snoke?”

My response: Because when the original Star Wars came out there was no previous established setting. The Empire obviously had to have an emperor. Snoke on the other hand, we had no idea where he came from, and how he built the First Order from the ashes of the Empire. He was apparently powerful enough to influence Ben Solo across the galaxy but couldn’t tell he was betraying him? Ok. The Emperor was also there as a way for Vader to redeem himself. Snoke is there because….? I don’t see any progression in Kylo’s character after his death.

“Rey is a force sensitive nobody. Its to show that anyone could be force sensitive!”

My response: Ok, but first of all you built up Rey in the Force Awakens, you can’t just throw that away, secondly, she’s more powerful than freakin Anakin Skywalker and that guy was born from the force! You can’t just say she’s a nobody.

“The Last Jedi is a good movie you are just complaining about sour grapes”

My response: no matter what TLJ cannot be a good movie and will never be a good movie by the virtue of dividing its fanbase in this way. A good movie has never been so divisive. As much as you want to say oh Empire Strikes Back was just as divisive no it wasn’t. Not to this level. There are people saying how they would rather watch The Phantom Menace than TLJ, that’s how divisive this movie is.

“You have to read the books and watch the Clone Wars animation to understand where Snoke/First Order/etc came from! so it all makes sense!”

My response: Any movie that requires you to read other material or watch side material to understand what’s going on is not a good movie. I had the same problem with the ending of Solo, actually so it’s not just TLJ but by far the TLJ commits the most awful sins of disregarding the established lore (hyperspace jumping as a weapon) or plain not explaining alot of details (hey, do we still get a story about how Maz gets Luke’s lightsaber? nope)