What is the most versatile overdrive pedal for guitar?

Love this question cause I get to plug some of my favorite pedals.

By versatile, I assume it means ‘most diverse range of sounds’ that are able to be created from it.

Here are my picks:

Keeley Muse Driver

This new Keeley pedal is a take on a Blues Driver and does everything from light gain to germanium powered fuzz. There’s a low cut switch and a germanium / silicon switch. Truly one of the largest ranges for a ‘full range’ overdrive pedal.

Wampler Euphoria

IMO the most versatile overdrive Brian Wampler makes (and he has many!) the Euphoria can get anything from light Timmy style gain to Dumble / Zendrive style crunch all while sound quite natural and organic – one of my favorite pedals.

Boss/JHS Angry Driver

Take the Blues Driver, already one of the most versatile pedals on the market, and then add JHS’s Angry Charlie on top of it and have 5 different options for this all in one pedal – have them go in series, parallel or standalone – and you have a pedal that can do everything from light gain to JCM800 high gain distortion tones.

JHS the Kilt

This pedal is probably the most versatile pedal JHS makes (according to Josh Scott himself) a total of 3 switches and 3 knobs and it can get you anywhere from low grit to near fuzz territory. Another great ‘full range’ overdrive.

G-Town Holy Grail

One of my personal picks.. yes it’s at it’s core a Dumble style overdrive pedal, but the three different settings in addition to a hi cut and a mids control means it can go anywhere from a Zendrive to a Tubescreamer – a truly versatile higher gain OD pedal.


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