What is the most overrated thing?

Oh boy here goes… I’ll list stuff I find overrated and stuff I find underrated. As most people who know me I am very opinionated:



-Citizen Kane (doesn’t stand up as well as other films of its era like Mr Smith or Casablanca)

-Terminator 2 (the characters and storyline is just ok, and it’s just Arnold holding a gun not that much ‘action’ as people make it out to be)

-Reservoir Dogs (it’s a plagiarism of the HK movie City on Fire; Tarantino likes to ripoff other movies)

-Pulp Fiction (super overhyped movie which doesn’t have any substance, just a shallow ripoff of a Godard / Wong Kar Wai film with catchy music)

-Die Hard (it’s a good action movie but nowhere near GOAT status like people say)

-Saving Private Ryan (feels like a war movie made by someone who never went to war; Platoon and Full Metal Jacket feel more realistic)

-Parasite (it’s a good Korean movie but it’s not Oscar worthy or anything and even previous Boog Joon-ho films like Snowpiercer and Mother I liked more)

-Apocalypse Now (not much substance to this movie, not memorable and very overhyped)

-Blade Runner (its influential for its visuals, but the actual story and characters themselves are very shallow and underdeveloped)

-Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Yes these two sci fi anime films are hugely influential and popular but there are much better ones like Tokyo Godfathers that people rarely talk about

-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. an average wuxia film that just happened to explode in popularity in the West. It’s very similar to Parasite in the sense that a foreign film somehow gets popular in the West and now everyone thinks its great but to people who watched more foreign films, it’s just average.

-Frozen. PLEASE stop playing ‘Let it go’ it’s gonna drive me insane. yes the film is good but its not THAT good to be continuously on repeat.

-virtually all modern movies thats full of CGI mess and yet highly rated are overrated i.e Black Panther etc


-Quentin Tarantino is the obvious one. He’s a hack that steals ideas from foreign films made by better directors like Godard, Wong Kar Wai, Shaw Brothers etc and then puts it into his own movie and takes all the credit for it.

-Keanu Reeves is a horrible actor. But since he’s generally a likeable guy, people keep putting him in movies.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has the acting range of a rock. He’s basically just iconic for his certain muscled look as an action star and that’s it

-Humphrey Bogart. He basically plays one role but because he’s so associated with it he’s become iconic. But he has no depth or range to his roles at all.

-Harrison Ford. Same thing. He’s the modern day Humphrey Bogart. He plays one role in all his movies, but because he’s so iconic he can get away with mediocre acting performances.

-Jackie Chan. He’s not Bruce Lee and he’s not Sammo Hung when it comes to martial arts. Acting wise, he’s not Chow Yun Fat either. And I find he has a habit of always portraying these goody two shoes characters and that limits him in range a bit.

-Cary Grant. Same thing, he has an iconic classic look to him but you give his role to any other actor they could do the same thing. North by Northwest for example with a script and director that good you really think no one else could do what Grant did?


-Ernest Hemingway. He’s an incredibly influential writer but his actual work is very simplistic and lacking of depth or substance, but he’s appeals to most people who don’t have the attention span to read the real classics like Homer or Leo Tolstoy or Charles Dickens or Mark Twain or Robert Louis Stevenson.

-Stephen King. Rambles a bit too much and goes off point with a lot of his stories. He has some decent novels here and there but the majority of them are forgettable.


-Eric Clapton.


See my answer here. Basically he’s technically very good, but not ALL time great like people always say.

-Queen. Was rated fairly until Bohemian Rhapsody came out and now they are overplayed and overrated.

-BTS. I mean their fans are so brainwashed they think they are as good as The Beatles. lol. First let’s get this out of the way – Kpop artists are more dancers than musicians. They barely sing, yes sometimes BTS can write their own songs (but not all the time like Butter and Dynamite for example are NOT written by them), and they can dance. That’s it, they can’t compose or arrange the material or play instruments. And their lyrics are hot garbage, just like most modern pop songs these days. ‘Jump to the top Lebron?’ cmon now. It’s an insult to compare them to the Beatles when you haven’t even caught up to the Backstreet Boys in sales numbers AND singing AND song or lyrics wise not even as good as previous Kpop groups like Big Bang or DBSK.

-Coldplay. Just very mediocre average songs and lyrics, but they have that mass appeal so you hear them everywhere. Yuck

-Michael Buble. He’s the type of commercial singer that appeals to most people but he doesn’t really have any meaningful or influential songs or lyrics. He just does his Bing Cosby thing where he sings these Christmas or warm hearted songs and people fall in love with him. lol

-most popular modern music and bands are not that great. EDM music is all sampled beats and as stripped down and basic as you can get. There are some exceptions with talents like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga but for the most part the commercial stuff you hear these days are just like today’s films, all fluff and no substance.

Basketball players:

-Kobe Bryant by FAR. Many reasons why but it boils down to him being a shot chucker, having terrible shot selection, all his bad performances being ignored by his vast legion of fans who only talk about his highlights and pretend he never sucked, all his best performances being in the regular season, and his 5 rings and scoring achievements all being overrated cause he won championships in spite of his play not because of it, and his volume scoring very rarely helping his team actually win.

Also, people think he’s clutch but in reality it’s because all his games are always really close (because he doesn’t help his team that much) and he shoots a lot in the 4th quarter. That’s the reason every time he makes a clutch shot and puts the team ahead, the team falls back down behind and then he has to make another clutch shot just to keep them from getting blown out. Also his defense is incredibly overrated too, every guard from Allan Houston to Gilbert Arenas to Stephon Marbury to Jeremy Lin all got their career highs on him.


-Steph Curry. Not as overrated as Kobe is, but he’s getting there. All of his rings are tainted because they are won with an asterisk (beat an injured team, had a super stacked team) and he consistently underperforms in the playoffs. His defense and passing is also mediocre but his fans ignore that because of his all time shooting.

-Jason Williams. Never made his team better, a low IQ basketball player who always went for the flashy play instead of the better fundamental plays, but because his flashy plays make the highlight reel, he’s a fan favorite.

-John Stockton. He’s always ranked much higher because of his all time numbers, but as for what he actually can do, there’s players like Mark Price, Kevin Johnson, Penny Hardaway etc in addition to Isiah and Magic who really outplayed him in his prime.

-Pistol Pete Maravich. He’s a player that gets a lot of recognition for his ahead of his time fancy passes and crazy shots but he never helped his team win. They never got far in the playoffs even though he played with guys like Walt Bellamy, Lou Hudson, Truck Robinson and Gail Goodrich. Sure they were not superstar caliber at the time but he should have won more games than he did in the playoffs. He was a massive shot chucker too (not unlike Kobe later)

-Tracy McGrady. Kind of similar to Kobe’s case where he would make poor shot selection sometimes except he’s more athletic than Kobe was and obviously had a shorter prime.

-Demar Derozan, Demarcus Cousins – both Demars are guys who just get a bunch of empty stats for their team in the regular season but don’t really add any wins nor do they perform well in the playoffs

-Chris Bosh. A guy who only made the playoffs once before he joined Lebron’s Heat and now he’s a Hall of Famer. lol. Put up a lot of empty stats on a bad team. Then when he joined the Heat, his numbers were no better than Lamar Odom on the Lakers. Still solid numbers but nowhere near Hall of Fame caliber thats for sure.



-most classic films are slowly forgotten. Pre 1980s films. Yes most people still know Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia or even 2001, but films like Mr Smith goes to Washington, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, Rope, Rear Window, The Apartment, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Bridge over the River Kwai, Spartacus, etc are all very good films

-The Last Starfighter. This campy 1980s sci fi film is a really fun enjoyable movie but its become a bit more obscure

-Stand by Me and Big. These two coming of age films, and maybe Ferris Buellher as well – very good movies in its genre that everyone needs to watch

-Glory and Platoon. These two are amazing war films that have amazing acting performances and stories in them but have become somewhat neglected

-Andromeda Strain, Contact, The Time Machine (1960), Forbidden Planet, Day the Earth Stood Still -all very interesting and well done sci fi films I recommend to people

-Gattaca – no its a cult classic and it deserves to be, its a much better movie than it got credit for

-Any Satoshi Kon film but especially Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Millenium Actress. All time anime films that stand up to the best Ghibli films but very few people know about them

-Only Yesterday. This is probably the best Ghibli film, and for some reason not that popular. Most people know Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke or My Neighbor Totoro, but Only Yesterday is a fantastic anime film that more people need to watch

-Burning. This Korean film is maybe even underrated but it has multiple layers of meanings that takes several re-watchings to find. One of the best recent Korean films.

-Maison Ikkoku is a very beautiful anime series from the late 80s and more people should take the time to watch it

-Foreign films like Akira Kurosawa’s High and Low, Yasujiro Ozu’s Late Spring, Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love, John Woo’s The Killer (a MUCH better action film than any Swarzeneggar movie)

-Disney movies like Sword in the Stone, Oliver and Company, Atlantis, Emperor’s New Groove and Princess and the Frog are as good as anything in the Disney renaissance but hardly get mentioned


-Hirokazu Koreeda. Amazing director that most Japanese aren’t even aware of. Almost all of his movies have depth and substance and multiple layers but I Wish may be my favorite out of them


-Max Von Sydow. AMAZING actor that has everything the charm, the presence, the ability, the emotion etc deserves to be more well known

-Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Andy Lau – all great HK drama actors that later became famous action stars. Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau in John Woo’s films and Tony Leung in Wong Kar Wai’s films. All amazing actors.

-Sammo Hung. a much better actor and martial artist than Jackie Chan, honestly, but not every well known in the West because unlike Jackie he never sold out. More people need to watch his films too.

-Any well acclaimed foreign director (because most Westerners do not watch foreign films) – guys like Akira Kurosawa, Yasujiro Ozu, David Lean, Jean Luc Godard, Wong Kar Wai, John Woo, Ingmar Bergman etc all great directors


-Jin Yong. He’s like the Chinese version of JRR Tolkien with the world building BUT also adds in the realism and emotional depth of Charles Dickens. His martial arts novels are legendary but deserve to be better known in the West.

-Ursula Le Guin. Amazing writer who’s stories deserve more recognition. Seriously she makes JK Rowling’s Harry Potter works look like exactly what they are – children’s books.


-Allan Holdsworth, Peter Green, Rory Gallagher, Michael Bloomfield, Roy Buchanan, all technically better than Eric Clapton and more creative too

-Larry Carlton. I think he’s my go to jazz guitarist, love his works.

-Chet Baker and Nina Simone. Awesome jazz artists that I can play on repeat forever.

-Heart. They’re the first rock band to be fronted by women, and I find honestly a shame they don’t get more airplay cause they have way more hits than just ‘Barracuda’.

-Hall&Oates. I think they’re right up there with Michael Jackson and Prince as the best 1980s pop artists. In fact I listen to them probably more than MJ and Prince.

Basketball Players

-All the ABA guys – Artis Gilmore, Freddie Lewis, Warren Jabali, Rick Barry, Dan Issel, Spencer Haywood, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, George McGinnis, Connie Hawkins – all got shortchanged because the NBA doesn’t count their awards and records – but they really should since the two leagues MERGED.

-Mark Price. In his prime before his injuries, Price was better than Stockton. Yes, he was. Stockton couldn’t be your main offensive player but Price could be and created his own shot a lot better than Stockton did while shooting just as well.

-role players like Shane Battier, Vernon Maxwell, Mike Bibby were very good players that knew their role and did it well and deserve more recognition

-Mitch Richmond. Yes he’s a Hall of Famer but he’s just an all around solid offensive player and great shooter just didn’t have the chance to play on many great teams.

-Elton Brand. A very solid 20/10 player in his prime, didn’t get the chance to play on many good teams cause his Clippers teams sucked but I think he was better than people give him credit for.

-Penny Hardaway. In his prime, Penny was basically Magic Johnson Jr, he had the speed, quickness, basketball IQ, passing ability, shot creation, handles, offensive moves etc but unfortunately his career was cut short

-Chris Webber. An extremely talented big man, very polished on offense, underrated on defense, but missed his shot at a championship because the NBA rigged it for the Lakers.

-Kevin Johnson. In his prime before his injuries, and very overlooked player. He routinely could slice up defenses while slashing while also having Isiah-level passing abilities.

-CP3, Dwight Howard. I believe these two, despite being first ballot Hall of Famers, are often unfairly hated because of their ‘reputations’ deserving or not.



-Alonzo Mourning. I think if his prime wasn’t in the 90s – where he had stiff competition with the likes of Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing and Mutombo – he would have many more All-NBA selections and more All-Def too. He had a very polished offensive game and his defense was also dominant. Just because of his lack of accolades – due to the competition – he’s not mentioned as much. Basically the same issue Bob Lanier, Nate Thurmond and Walt Bellamy had and why they aren’t mentioned as much either. Too much competition which prevented them from getting many All-NBA selections.

-Lamar Odom. Also a highly underappreciated player. How good was Odom? Well Kobe fans would tell he was a inconsistent cokehead in order to make him look worse and give Kobe all the credit, but let the record show that Odom dominated Shawn Marion and the Suns in 2006 (who were without Stoudemire’s services). He averaged 19/11/5 in that series and in 2007 averaged 19/13/2. At his peak Odom was a very talented scorer, rebounder and passer. It’s unfortunate that in his prime he played on bad Clippers teams and on the Lakers with Kobe hogging the ball he never got many looks, he may be the best player never to be an all star.

-Rod Strickland. Rod also has a case to be the best player never to be an all star. How Mark Jackson got an all star appearance but not Rod Strickland is beyond me. Rod had probably one of the best handles I’ve seen of his era, along with Tim Hardaway, Allen Iverson and Isiah Thomas.

-Horace Grant. This underappreciated player was a very underrated part of the Bulls first 3-peat, especially for his defense. He has a massive amount of win shares – in fact more than guys like Isiah Thomas and Elgin Baylor. and proof of how much he impacts the team – He easily became the Bulls second best player after Jordan retired in 1993 and made his only all star appearance. In 1994 with Grant the Bulls only lost 2 more games than with Jordan. After he left to the Magic in 1995, the Bulls had a massive drop in wins. When Jordan came back and they faced the Magic in the Finals, Grant ironically beat his former team. The loss of Grant on the Bulls to the Magic was a key factor in why the Bulls even WITH Jordan couldn’t beat the Magic in 1995. In 1996 they added Grant’s replacement in Dennis Rodman and things were good again. I would say Grant’s impact rivaled that of Rodman (who is a hall of famer).

-Brandon Roy, Drazen Petrovic, Arvydas Sabonis – all guys who had shortened careers but incredibly talented. Roy had an amazing offensive skillset. Petrovic an all time shooter. Sabonis was Soviet’s answer to Bill Walton – I’m talking healthy Bill Walton who did literally everything on both sides of the court – but came into the NBA past his prime.

-older guys from the 1950s like Bob Pettit and Neil Johnston really don’t get as much recognition as they should given their stats and awards because people tend to disrespect them

-1970s players are generally just forgotten. Bob Lanier, David Thompson, Nate Thurmond, Dave Cowens, Wes Unseld, Tiny Archibald, Walt Frazier, Rick Barry, John Havlicek etc are all kind of forgotten because people think the 1970s was a weak decade

-defensive specialists. Bobby Jones, Sidney Moncrief, Alvin Robertson, Mark Eaton, Norm Van Lier, Jerry Sloan, Dan Roundfield, Mookie Blaylock, Michael Cooper, Don Buse etc generally forgotten because people tend to look at points and PPG the most out of any category. In fact even in the modern NBA I think Rudy Gobert is quite disrespected, the guy won 3 DPOYs and no one really talks about him! Dwight Howard, Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo all missed the NBA 75th anniversary team despite all having the most DPOYs all time!





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