What is the difference between LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo? Who has a higher ceiling?


-Both can play almost any position on the court despite their size
-Both are incredibly athletic fast strong specimens who can bully their way in the paint for a dunk or a layup
-Both are great versatile defenders
-Both are gifted passers


-Lebron has more offensive skillset and is a better shooter. If this was comparing 2010 Lebron vs Giannis it would be a lot closer, but current Lebron has developed his skillset a lot more than Giannis, in fact his shot to break Kareem’s record was a fadeaway – not a dunk or layup.

-Lebron has higher basketball IQ. Now I’m not saying Giannis doesn’t. But Lebron has all time basketball IQ and it’s hard for anyone to really match him there.

-Lebron has shown his leadership and floor raising potential more. Giannis just hasn’t had as much time to show that yet.

-Lebron can actually run the floor as the main playmaker and distributor for his team. Giannis is a great passer out of the post but I don’t think he can just straight up replace Jrue Holiday as their PG like Lebron can.

-Giannis is an even better rebounder as he has a good 3 inches on Lebron’s height

-Giannis rim protection is even better than Lebron’s, also due to that extra height and wingspan

Who has a higher ceiling? Well, if Giannis continues to improve he can easily end up in the top 10 all time. But will he surpass Lebron’s standing as a top 2 player all time? Unless he has as much longevity, I’m not sure…


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